Some legends continue to stand the test of time
Last week, I watched-through totally legal means-the latest James Bond flick No Time to Die. As I saw the action unfold on-screen, it occurred to me that the franchise's lifespan could be likened to that of a car.
In case you’re wondering, this is what a performance sedan is all about
It only takes a few moments for me to realize I'm driving something special. The control surfaces and where your body makes contact with the car should communicate the essence of the vehicle immediately. If, as a driver, you can tell
It’s shaping up to be a real contender
The Nissan Terra has been in our market for almost a year now. While we don't have any concrete sales figures to back up our claim, we're going to ahead and say that it's doing pretty well for Nissan
The all-new Brio brings Honda back into contention in the mini-hatch segment
When Honda showed off the NSC (New Small Concept) at the New Delhi Auto Show back in 2010, it was signaling its intent to tackle the economy-car class in developing markets. This was a segment in which Honda had struggled due
Toyotas don’t get any tougher-looking than this
So I'm sitting inside the car next to Mark, our photographer, for what seems like forever, fiddling with the controls and the infotainment system, doing everything in my power to keep from falling asleep as we wait for security-which, at
The Korean compact sedan evolves
The year 2016 just might be the year of the compact car. After a lull in new releases, a flurry of new C-segment competitors are set to hit showrooms next year. Hyundai, keen to reclaim lost ground from Ford in the
Here are photos, video and information
It has been a decade since we've seen a true C-segment Peugeot in the Philippines, with the demise of the 307. But with Peugeot Philippines' steady push for market volume and reach, we suppose the entry of the new 308
The French make good crossovers
After a long gestation period, we finally have the Peugeot 2008 here in our market. Exclusive importer and seller Eurobrands Distributor Inc. introduced the compact crossover tonight to members of the media. But of course, had gotten first dibs
1.5-liter 5-speed MT returns
Maybe they won't admit it, but two of our editors will be a little sadder this month. Vernon and Stephanie own a first-generation and second-generation Honda Jazz, respectively. This week, they will be bombarded with ads, stories and social-
Small and striking
Among the American carmakers operating in our country, Ford enjoys the most brand cachet and loyalty. Chevrolet is still growing its market share, and Chrysler is staying on the premium side of the industry for now. Meanwhile, the Blue Oval brand is
Exclusive photos and video
Once upon a time, the Toyota Corolla ruled our roads. However, the Asian economic crisis that struck the region in 1997 forced buyers to shift from compact sedans to smaller, more affordable subcompacts--at least in our country. But with over 40
It looks better and is just as reliable
The Vios is Toyota's answer to the question, "Is there one car that can cater to the needs of the most number of people?" For proof, one need only look at the sales figures. In 2012, there were 16,517 Vios
Obviously aimed at a younger audience
It was only 16 years ago when Mercedes-Benz introduced the A-Class as its entry-level range. Back then, it was unique with its minivan-esque one-box construction, which catered to small families shopping for a commuter car to drive
The original cute-ute is fun again
The vehicle that created the fun compact SUV category is back. And this time, it seems like it's actually fun again.When the first RAV4 was introduced globally in 1994, it was regarded as a quirky crossover (if there was such
Toyota 86\'s twin brother is finally here
Our sports coupe market has just become even more exciting with the official launch of the Subaru BRZ today by exclusive distributor Motor Image Pilipinas--just five months after its identical twin, the Toyota 86, was introduced locally.The name BRZ is
The wait is finally over
The long wait is over. After teasing us for months--with snippets of information being shared here and there and with a motorcade around the metropolis and to Tagaytay over one weekend--Toyota Motor Philippines is finally launching the 86 sports coupe.
The long wait is over
In the Philippine market, few cars are greeted with more anticipation than an all-new Honda Civic. The Civic occupies that special realm where affordability and excitement meet. It's a family sedan that doesn't emasculate the driver into a kind
You asked for it
You've repeatedly asked for it, so Toyota Motor Philippines grants your wish as the Japanese carmaker is finally bringing to the market the refreshed Hilux and Fortuner. To be displayed at the Toyota Tent Event, which will be held on August
Know everything there is to know about the car
Today, we are introducing an important new feature of our website: The Launch Pad. It is an online venue created for the sole purpose of introducing new cars entering the Philippine market. Through this feature, readers will be the
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