Will you be able to make it?
In many ways, the Century is about as timeless as Toyota's come. You could say the thing represents the very best values of the brand that makes it, and the fact big boss Akio Toyota uses one as his company car
New year, new car, perhaps?
A few years ago, Toyota big boss Akio Toyoda turned a lot of heads when he pulled up to the track in a one-off Century GRMN. Now, we have reason to think that the Japanese carmaker just might be cooking up
Like it?
The Toyota Century is a very, very big deal. Having been introduced in 1967, this reverential limo is only on its third generation in Japan, and customers include the country's monarchy, the prime minister, and the yakuza.You can guess which
Like the new look?
The Toyota Century is normally a car we'd rather not see end up in aftermarket-crazy hands. In stock form, the vehicle exudes a distinctly Japanese elegance and class that, frankly, should not be messed around with.That said, we were
A new imperial era is here
In a historic move earlier this year, the Japanese government allowed Emperor Akihito to abdicate his throne on account of his deteriorating health, bringing an end to the country's Heisei Era. His son, Naruhito, has now ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne-
Now in his seventies, Kouji Matsuda continues to work
On the fifth floor of Toyota's Toranomon dealership in Tokyo, Kouji Matsuda scurries around like an overexcited hamster. With seemingly double-jointed ­knees, he works unfashionably fast for a septuagenarian. He has to-he's in demand.Born in 1949, Matsuda
To truly understand Japanese culture, you need to drive Toyota’s halo luxury product
Weddings, funerals, and the potential threat of jury duty: These are the only reasons I have a suit in my wardrobe. But today, it feels necessary to scrub up and have some sartorial decency.See, Toyota may have recently got into bed
So quintessentially Japanese
At Top Gear, we're fascinated with Toyota's JDM-only Century limousine. It's so stately and formal, yet so wonderfully, quintessentially Japanese. A V8 hybrid three-box limo with '70s American barge styling and fabric seats instead of leather, so
We like this company perk
Recent Manila visitor Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motor Corporation, is universally credited for reinvigorating the traditional Japanese carmaker, with exciting products like the Lexus F line and the Toyota 86. He's a real car guy, who likes to
We think yes
It may have taken more than 20 years, but Toyota has finally released an all-new Century. Thankfully, it looks like it's been worth the wait, as the full redesign is the vehicle's most opulent iteration to date.For those
To debut at the Tokyo Motor Show
Soft 100% wool upholstery, high-end leathers, and a 20-speaker audio system. Are we describing a car, or the Japanese emperor's personal living space?It's a car, of course. And a very nice one at that, too. The snazzy
This is insane engineering
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.When the 86 was first released, Toyota's engineers told us there was no way it could be turbocharged. No way. Nuh-uh. No
It's an imperial experience
We were in Tokyo last week for a series of presentations and drives courtesy of Toyota. Prior to the trip, we had been offered a test drive of practically any model in the Toyota and Lexus lineup. Yes, we know what you'
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