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How much will it cost?
Toyota Motorsport GmbH has completed the shakedown of its 86-based CS-R3 rally car at Rallye Deutschland, taking a major step forward in the car's development.The prototype rear-wheel-drive rally car took part in the 1,300km event
With output estimated to be 240-250hp
The Toyota 86 is joining the World Rally Championship's WRC-3 series with the aptly called CS-R3 competing in the R3 class.The CS-R3 was developed by Toyota Motorsport GmbH and will see action as the official "pathfinder" zero
They have job openings right now
In October 2012, we went to the headquarters of Toyota Motorsport GmbH in Cologne, Germany. TMG is basically the performance tuning arm of Toyota Motor Corporation, and has largely been responsible for the Japanese carmaker\'s motorsport activities. When we toured its
To be ready for 2015 season
If you\'re one of those who\'d like to relive the good old days of rallying using a rear-wheel-drive sports car, Toyota Motorsport GmbH has heard your prayers. The Japanese carmaker\'s Europe-based motorsport arm has confirmed that
When luxury gets a mean streak
For no apparent reason at all other than to simply show off what it can do, Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has revealed what it calls the TMG Sports 650 concept on its Facebook fan page.To debut at the Essen Motor Show,
You can actually order and buy one
During our visit to the Toyota Motorsport GmbH headquarters in Cologne, Germany, TMG business development manager Sebastian Janssen showed us his company's latest project: a racing version of the Toyota 86, to be made available to interested customers who can afford
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