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It was just previewed at the 2022 Indonesia International Auto Show
If Toyota were to build this, it should fit a bigger engine under that hood
Converting a full-size SUV into a pickup-like what these guys did with the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300-is understandable. While it's not exactly common, a large SUV has the engine and the chassis to work as a truck. Turning
This or the Casper?
It's not exactly rocket science why the Toyota Raize is such a hit among local car buyers. Decent ground clearance, city-friendly dimensions, and an affordable price tag? That's about as surefire a formula as mass-market cars come around
Or are you better off going with the nat-asp 1.2-liter engine instead?
A mix of style, decent size, and good fuel economy makes for a pretty great city car. That's exactly what the Toyota Raize has, which is why it's been turning heads since Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched it here.But
Our wallets are hurting
Frankly, with the way gas and diesel prices have been on the fritz, there's never been a better time to consider shifting to a hybrid vehicle. There's just one issue: There aren't very many of them around.Toyota Motor
Time to see what this popular little thing can do
While Chinese-built budget crossovers are selling like halo-halo on a hot day, Toyota-which pioneered the crossover concept-doesn't have a budget crossover of its own. Thankfully, corporate partner Daihatsu just happens to have a cheap crossover Toyota can
Quite a lot, actually
We previously wrote an article about how much the full tank of a typical subcompact sedan would cost. Seeing as fuel prices have gone even farther up since our last outing, we've decided to come up with yet another compilation, but
Offers for the Wigo, Rush, and Innova are available, too
The Toyota Raize may be relatively new to the local market, but Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is already throwing the model in the car brand's summer promo for 2022.For the month of May, the Japanese car manufacturer is making the
In case you’re after a cleaner look
Toyota Motor Philippines is making some very slight adjustments to the local Raize lineup.According to a source, the Japanese carmaker will soon make its popular subcompact crossover's Turbo variant available with a monotone White Pearl exterior.The move to add
Here you go, Raize customers
Less than a year after launching the new Raize in Indonesia, Toyota is now recalling the subcompact crossover in that market.According to Toyota Indonesia's Special Service Campaign website, the carmaker discovered welding issues involving the Raize's front fender. When
We recently spent some time with the 1.2 G CVT variant
I didn't get the full week-long session with the Raize yet, but I can definitely say that this vehicle's a very ideal urban runabout. Its steering is light so it's a breeze to maneuver, and given its small
It's been a week since Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) officially launched the Raize. The Internet is still buzzing, with this being the first real budget-friendly subcompact crossover with a Toyota badge on the grille.Naturally, we've been getting a
No easy feat
The wait is over. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has finally launched the all-new Raize. We're sure it's got a lot of people buzzing, and we expect to see a lot of these on the road soon.Not just because
The vehicle has finally landed
When the Toyota Raize was first revealed to the world in late 2019, it immediately looked like a car that made sense for the Philippine market.With the Raize, the Japanese carmaker chose to go with a compact form factor ideal for
Is this something you’ve been waiting for?
The mystery is over. The Toyota Raize now has an official Philippine launch date.Toyota Motor Philippines has sent out invitations for the launch of the Raize on February 4, 2022. That's next week. This news comes just several days after
Toyota’s subcompact crossover is one of the most anticipated releases of the year
We now live in the age of crossovers and SUVs. After you've felt the advantages of higher ground clearance and the versatility of a five-door cabin, it's hard to go back to low sedans-especially with the kind of
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