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No extra performance under the hood here. Hell, no new aero or bodykit, either. If, at this point, you've lost all interest, just feel free to move along-but we know you're likely enamored by the Toyota Supra's new
The Supra that Toyota should've made from the start?
Here it is: three pedals in the footwell, a gear lever amid the centre console. A centre console that's been thoroughly redesigned, Toyota says, because it was never intended to take a wobbly stick.As you'll probably remember, the Supra
Took them long enough
Finally. Toyota has finally made it officially official that the Supra will be available with a six-speed manual transmission. Everything is right in the world once more.A celebration is in order-just not in our market. At least not yet.
There are those who scour online auction listings for the cars, and there are those who stay glued to their screens for the thrill of the hunt. Regardless of which category all those involved in the sale of this 1997 15th Anniversary
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See that? Yes, it's an image of a clutch pedal. Not just an image of any clutch pedal, mind you, but of one belonging to Toyota's iconic five-letter sports car.We are, of course, referring to the Supra. Yes,
Availability is extremely limited
Gnarly-looking Supras are nice, but there's always a special place on this website for units that are built to make the most of the performance packed into Toyota's current-generation sports car. One such ride is the GR Supra
The vehicle continues to be an aftermarket darling
It's no secret that Toyota wanted the new A90 Supra to be a darling of the tuning community. Heck, it even shipped cars to major modifiers before it went on sale to the general public. And lo, here we are two
These subtle tweaks go a long way
It's crazy how such small design tweaks to a car can make a big difference. Don't get us wrong-we're down with all the aftermarket madness and bonkers builds that usually make their way to shows like SEMA, but
This will compete for Toyota Motor North America in the 2022 NHRA season
Yes, that is, indeed, a Toyota Supra. But no, it is most definitely not an absurd custom build or whatever you want to call it-this one's a Funny Car. And by 'funny' we mean that it's going drag racing
Meet the ‘Formula Supra’
Professional tire antagonist/Formula Drift champion Ryan Tuerck has unveiled his latest homework: a Toyota Supra equipped with a motorsport V10 engine.It's called the 'Formula Supra' and satisfies Tuerck's enthusiasm for gutting rear-drive Toyota sports cars and slotting
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…
Think Paul Walker would have been a fan of the current-generation Toyota Supra? We reckon he'd be. It's no A80, but the A90 is the Japanese carmaker's performance at its peak. That, and we think producers would have
In Japanese, the word ‘issho’ means to come together
The GR Supra, the GR Yaris, the GR 86-you would expect that a mascot representing these vehicles would be something edgy, perhaps even aggressive-looking. These nameplates, after all, are arguably the pinnacle of consumer-level Toyota performance.Well, say hello
It’s supposedly faster than a Mercedes-AMG C63 S
The Toyota Supra is already a beastly sports car in itself, packing a 335hp, 500Nm 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine under its hood. But to no surprise, that hasn't exactly stopped aftermarket tuners from squeezing out more horses from
We wonder what the toymaker will do next
A Lego Technic set made up of a couple of thousand bricks and pieces? That's cute. Oh, this? Well, it's nothing really-just a life-sized brick version on the current-generation Toyota Supra complete with functioning lighting units and
Only 35 units each of the four- and six-cylinder versions are available
Another special-edition Supra has landed in Toyota's home market. This new one, however, isn't merely a spinoff of the brand's popular sports car. Rather, it's one built in celebration of the Supra's 35th anniversary.Actually, there
Bigger wheels, new exhausts, a massive wing, and an F1-inspired nose
Remember Japanese tuner Wald's rather striking BMW X7 bodykit from a couple of weeks ago? Well, it's now done something even more bonkers, although at least this time it's on a car that's au fait with bodykits.Check
According to research done by
What if we told you that the Tesla Model 3 is actually more popular than cult classics like the Toyota Supra or the Honda Civic? On the online video platform we know as YouTube, that may very well be the case.According
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