'You can get that buffed out'
We all have that one friend who we always need to keep an eye on when he's sitting in the passenger seat. You know the type-the one who can't care less what spills on to your carpet or what
And Will Smith, too
Yes, you read that right-we just used the words 'best' and 'Michael Bay' in the same sentence. Sadly, it's not a flick you'll see in cinemas, or even on Netflix. But you can catch it on Will Smith's
Déjà vu?
Back in 2004, Will Smith drove the Audi RSQ in I, Robot, a move that helped cement the four rings in mainstream car culture and gave us a sneaky preview of the Audi R8 that'd arrive a few years later.Fast
It's a little déjà vu
A disgruntled engineer, racing technology theft, a garage full of Ferraris, and a billionaire race team owner. This might sound like the 2007 "Spygate" controversy that involved Ferrari, McLaren and Renault, but it's actually part of the plot of Focus, Will
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