That’s even better than the figures published during the hatch’s global debut
Suzuki Philippines (SPH) has just revamped its lineup by introducing yet another new budget-friendly offering: the all-new Suzuki Celerio.As expected, a ton of people were asking about the Celerio's fuel economy. When it made its global debut, Suzuki
A slight improvement over the previous generation
If you're a motorist who's constantly obsessing over your car's fuel economy, the all-new Honda City might be worth considering once you decide to upgrade. Both the model's sedan and hatch variants recently concluded an Automobile Association
'PH has lots of competitive race drivers, well-trained marshals'
A big community of race drivers, good race tracks, capable race cars, and well-trained marshals. People usually say that these are what it takes to make motorsports in one country successful. They may be right.But Jean Todt, president of the
"Show me your car collection, I’ll show you mine."
For a developing country like the Philippines, being able to play host to the prestigious Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) 2018 FIA Sport Conference is like winning the lottery.We bested 17 other countries in the Asian region who
Lessons from the racing pros
Fighting, sex, and driving a car. Those are three things that, for whatever reason, most men think they're naturally good at. Now, we can't speak for the first two, but if everyday traffic is anything to go by, most motorists
Five new Mazda 2s were handed over
The Automobile Association of the Philippines' (AAP) Motorsport Development Program (MSDP) just got a major upgrade, courtesy of a handful of Mazda 2 hatchbacks with which to train drivers with.Bermaz Auto Philippines, the Japanese carmaker's official local distributor, formally turned
For almost all of its product offerings
Brio owners are going to love this news. The cutest car in the Honda vehicle lineup also happens to be the most fuel-efficient. This is according to a recent fuel economy test conducted by Honda Cars Philippines, which also included several
AAP president thinks so
Urban planners, what say you?Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) agrees with the proposed carpooling scheme, but with a condition. In a statement sent to, AAP says that before the government imposes the carpooling policy on EDSA, it should lift
A good way to start racing
The Automobile Association Philippines has just launched a grassroots-level training program aimed at developing the driving techniques of young drivers interested in improving both their everyday driving and racing skills. But before everyone goes on yapping about how we don't
Not really, says a manufacturer of fuel additives
Last month, Volkswagen\'s Philippine distributor, Automobile Central Enterprise, revealed that it wouldn\'t be selling gasoline-powered models after the German carmaker\'s engineers had tested our fuels and discovered that they contain manganese which \"can be damaging to some engine
Do you agree?
In the wake of the recession that struck the United States in 2008 and forced the federal government to bail out both General Motors and Chrysler, the colloquially known "Cash for Clunkers" program was pushed to save thousands of jobs and spur
Apparently not
The Supreme Court recently declared that Executive Order 156 issued by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2002 is valid, thereby putting an end to the importation of used vehicles in the country.However, while the EO was drafted to "accelerate the
Who won and who got penalized?
The Automobile Association of the Philippines' (AAP) Motorsports Committee has decided to cancel the remaining rounds of the Philippine Touring Car Championship (PTCC) Series and the Philippine Production Car Championship (PPCC) Series.The AAP was prompted to cut the competitions short as
It's like the local racing scene of the late '90s again
The Philippine Touring Car Championship may be the country's main motorsport series today but it was its support race, the Philippine Production Car Championship, that proved to be the more exciting one when the 2010 season drew nearer to a close
Around Cavite and Batangas
Petron and its 100-octane Blaze high-performance gasoline powered the vehicles that took part in the second Drive Tour Caravan organized by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) last November 27.Twenty-six cars joined the caravan and were flagged
Officials seek ways to improve safety on racetrack
The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) is mulling stricter guidelines for the country's top drag racing series following an accident involving the country's fastest drag racer in June.Racing champion Jonathan Tiu's tube-chassis Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V broke in
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