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The brand reveals its mystery project for the show
Aftermarket heaven
There's no other way to put it: The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada is aftermarket heaven.The event features the biggest players in the global aftermarket industry every single year. Among the usual standouts is Toyo
No changes have been made to its engine or suspension
Some cars might look capable of going off-road, but in reality, they're only suited to life on asphalt. Honda wants you to know that the Passport isn't one of those vehicles.The Japanese carmaker has revealed a rally-ready
If portability matters to you
There's no hassle like having to deal with a dead battery in an empty parking garage late at night. Who's going to come to save you? Chances are any friend worth calling will be dead asleep, and any motorists willing
That clearance, though
One thing we like about the all-new Toyota 86? Its design is so damn clean. There's just the right balance of aggressiveness and elegance in the package, and all the lines and curves flow very, very nicely.That said, we
That market is something else
Thailand's car scene is easily one of the most eccentric on the planet. Where else will you find the likes of the Toyota Hilux being sold as a low-riding pickup or an Isuzu D-Max driving around with five turbochargers
“Hopefully, one day we can bounce back”
Back in August, we reported that Angie Mead King was in the process of wrapping up Car Porn Racing operations in Taguig. Now, the garage is officially no more. Fans may want to break out some tissue for this one.In an
Courtesy of 600 thundering horses under the hood
Another day, another wildly powerful pickup truck from Texas-based tuners Hennessey Performance. Only this isn't just another 1,000hp one-off-this is the latest generation of Hennessey's best-selling performance truck, the VelociRaptor 600.It's now based
Would you rather go stock or shell out extra for this?
If we had to make a list of pickups that could do with an aesthetic alteration or two, the Jeep Gladiator would not be on it. Frankly, the truck's stock appearance-which is basically the Wrangler's iconic look with a
Aesthetically, at least
With all the aftermarket add-ons and packages available to truck owners these days, you really need to do a lot if you really want to stand out. If you're having trouble finding inspiration for how to take your Toyota Hilux
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…
Think Paul Walker would have been a fan of the current-generation Toyota Supra? We reckon he'd be. It's no A80, but the A90 is the Japanese carmaker's performance at its peak. That, and we think producers would have
Is this necessary?
So, you're tired of your car's stock color and what to replace its finish with something a little flashier. Problem is, you aren't willing to go through the process of registering your vehicle's new look with the Land
Think these add-ons would look good on the Navara?
The Nissan Navara is already one of the most capable-looking pickups in the market. Still, there's always room for improvement in this department, and we think the brand could do well to introduce Nismo's latest off-road parts to
This is the life
There are a handful of reasons why a moneyed motorist might decide to throw an absurd amount of cash at enhancing an already capable ride. Usually, it's for added performance to suit his or her needs-perhaps an upgraded suspension setup
Imagine this coming to your rescue
Over-the-top emergency vehicles are something we come across relatively often here at Top Gear Philippines. This one, though, might be the coolest we've seen in a pretty long while.Yes, what you're looking at is a Toyota
The company does it again
Artisan Spirits has always tended to keep things classy when tinkering with everyone's favorite Lexus and Toyota models. For the most part, the company manages to give its projects just the right amount of flash without taking its builds overboard. You
‘Hectic’ is probably an understatement
Earlier this year, Car Porn Racing broke the aftermarket community's heart with the news that it was closing its doors permanently come June. Well, it's August now, and the company is working double-time to take care of unfinished business
With this, no beach is out of reach
From the get-go, the Ford Bronco looked like a vehicle that was primed for some pretty adventurous modifications. And true enough, it didn't take long for builders to get to work.There were some pretty gnarly ones at last year'
The final bill was pretty steep
How much would you be willing to spend to fully trick out a brand-new ride? A third of the vehicle's base price? Perhaps double? Depending on your intent, that might be a reasonable amount. But would you be willing to
There can be a lot of hotheads out on the road at any given time. For everyone's sake, we hope whoever's behind this thing isn't one of them.What is it? Well, on the surface, it's just an
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