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The Indonesian brand announces its arrival
If there's one thing we know about the Vespa community, it's that some people there go big on aftermarket upgrades. Like, really big. While some riders like to keep their Vespas stock, others really splurge on their scoots.Now, if
With 26 sizes for all types of cars
We cannot overstate the difference a good tire makes when you have a performance car. Remember that all the power and handling courses through that tiny contact patch of cured rubber under the wheel wells. For those thinking of upgrading their current
It’s got 700hp and a rather eye-catching rear wing...
Let's just marvel at this one for a while, shall we? I suspect you have been already. Maybe you'd like some more time? Go back, just check that rear arch is as mad as it looks?It is, take it
Courtesy of Pit26
Sensibly, American tuner Pit26 has kept the "powerful AMG performance intact" for its latest bespoke truck, which means there's no additional hike over the not-at-all regular G63's 577hp 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8.That might just be
Right on cue
In case you missed it, Toyota officially launched the all-new Alphard and its sportier twin, the Vellfire, earlier this week. Both models look pretty impressive as is, but there will always be some people for whom less is not more.Right
Courtesy of RTR Vehicles
Given the tire-smoking advertising that drifting champ Vaughn Gittin Jr. does for the Ford Mustang, it's perhaps no surprise to see that his tuning company RTR Vehicles is one of the first firms to bring out a modifications package for
Looking tough
Compact crossovers aren't exactly top of mind when you hear the words off-roader. Normally, we think of truck-based SUVs and pickups when it comes to taking on the rough stuff. But that hasn't stopped the folks from Ironman
It's like it was meant to be a convertible
There's another gem that needs adding to the list of 'single sentence horror stories': "A tuner has revealed a modified version of the new Land Rover Defender 90". Chilling stuff.Except, Neils van Roij - the designer behind a lovely two-door
Pinoy pride!
Here's your dose of #pinoypride this week: local aftermarket specialty shop Autobot Offroad Philippines has opened a new franchise branch in Doha, the capital of Qatar.Autobot Qatar officially opened on March 12, 2023 as the first official franchise branch outside
No silly wings here
The current C8 generation RS6 is the first proper RS-spec wagon that Audi has ever sold in the US, and it would seem that American tuners are very happy about this indeed.OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:LTO suspends license
JDM heaven
Car enthusiast group JDM Underground Philippines (JDMU Ph) takes pride in being 'purveyors of clean Japanese tuning,' and its members backed up this claim by showing up in full force at the staging of Yabangan Nights/Noons at SMX Convention Center on
ESB Style does it again
Japanese tuners have done it again. This time, it's the Honda N-Van that's been Defender-fied.This absurd-looking cutie you see here is an N-Van with a Land Rover Defender's face plastered on it. It's
Or is that the G-Class?
DAMD Inc. is a Japanese garage that specializes in making the current-generation Jimny look like the G-Class. Its 'Little G' creations are such a hit, in fact, that the company is making them the main attraction at its 2023 Tokyo
Will you be able to make it?
In many ways, the Century is about as timeless as Toyota's come. You could say the thing represents the very best values of the brand that makes it, and the fact big boss Akio Toyota uses one as his company car
We really wish this thing would launch locally
When someone buys a kei car, the goal is usually to squeeze the most utility out of its pint-sized package. ESB, though, has other plans.The Japanese tuner has worked its magic on the all-new Suzuki Alto, slamming it to
Only in Japan
The Suzuki Jimny isn't the only Japanese offering you can Defender-fy. In fact, any car can be made to look like the iconic British SUV-if you try hard enough.This is the TFender by Japanese tuner ESB. You know,
We mean that in a good way
The Suzuki Jimmy is a vehicle that's nearly impossible to hate. We have a feeling, though, that what tuning outfit ESB has done over in Japan may not appeal to everyone's taste.This is a slammed Suzuki Jimmy. And yes,
No EV swap here
A US tuner has revealed a modified Chevrolet pickup truck said to have been designed "for modern driving conditions". Not sure how those low-profile tyres and slammed suspension will hold up against your typical medium-sized pothole, but you can't
Like something out of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise
This is a modified BMW M2 that has clearly crashed through all nine Fast & Furious movies. The wide-arched, bewinged orange coupe is an expression of everything M Division's in-house modifications department can offer prospective customers.We first saw the
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