Make your compact sound like an 18-wheeler
When you drive in the Philippines, you learn that sometimes offense is the best defense. Driving around EDSA with errant bus drivers and cutting motorcycles means that visibility on the road is a priority. It's the difference between a normal morning
This brand made its name in motorsport
You have just driven your gleaming new Toyota Fortuner out of the dealership lot. You're still high with the glorious new-car smell fumes and you immediately wonder what to upgrade first.Our advice is to leave the body untouched, especially
Reduce that unsightly fender gap
Philippine roads aren't exactly kind to lowered vehicles, but "dropping" one's car is a sure way to give your ride that X factor on the road. Next to installing ride-adjustable coilovers, using lowering springs is the best way to
It's called Fleva V701
Yokohama's flagship Advan brand has a new series called Advan Fleva V701, which the tiremaker claims to offer sporty handling on various roads and a quiet ride. To be available next month through Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines, the Advan Fleva V701
4x4 sport-utes get down and dirty
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. If you've been to a local motor show recently, you should know that the aftermarket industry has a full-blown love affair with
These are people this country needs
You know what's sad? Dishonesty is so prevalent these days that we get surprised when we hear of someone who is upright in his or her dealings with others--so surprised, in fact, that we even have to extol it like
These photos are beyond cool
We've been talking about Toyota pickups this week, thanks to the Japanese carmaker's modern interpretation of Marty McFly's truck from the '80s in celebration of Back To The Future Day on October 21st. In our market, of course, we
Our tech guru has the answer
Good day! I need your opinion. I have a Toyota Vios, and I want to lower its ride. I travel out of town once a week, and I'd like to know which is better: lowering springs or coilovers? What are their
What are these exactly?
This dude you see here is Mike Papadopoulos, a foreigner married to a Filipina and now based in the Philippines. Greek by blood, Mike lived in the US where he met his better half. Both with a heart for Christian missions, they
Still most popular in aftermarket scene
Motor shows come and go, but for most of us there has only been one car gathering that we remember from our student days, and that's the Trans Sport Show. Also affectionately known as the Trans Show, the event has been
All's well that ends well
In this Great Era of Google, in which practically everything can be downloaded from the Internet, anyone can grab another person's work and pass it off as his very own. Just ask Manny V. Pangilinan: Never hire a speechwriter who has
Believe it or not
If you're planning to drop by the 2014 Manila Auto Salon this weekend, we suggest you drop by Bardahl Philippines' booth and check out the Honda Jazz that's on display there. Apparently, its engine runs during the four-day event
Tomorrow, December 28, on GMA News TV
Two weeks ago, we reported the story of a car-wrap job gone bad involving a brand-new Toyota FJ Cruiser owned by a popular TV personality and his wife. If you missed it, here is the gist:The couple were able
What is it?
At the recent Manila International Auto Show, Honda Cars Philippines introduced a seemingly brilliant accessory for the CR-V: a detachable third-row seat to make the popular SUV a "seven-seater." The contraption comes free with a brand-new CR-V
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