More LGUs should take notes from this initiative
If you've ever had to drag a bicycle up or down a staircase, then you know just how difficult that task can be. Can you imagine how big of a hassle that is for anyone who commutes daily to the office?
What do you think?
If you're charging £2,500 (just under P160,000) for your scooter, you better be sure people are getting their money's worth. More so when you're calling your product the "world's first hyper scooter."Does the Dragonfly DF-
Think this will be a game-changer?
Remember the Walkable and Bikeable Communities Act? Also known as Senate Bill no. 1290, the new piece of legislation is meant to make the local setting safer for pedestrians and individuals who turn to alternative mobility for transport. Well, it's now
Is this enough?
The EDSA Busway might soon be getting a much-needed upgrade.According to a report by GMA News Online, Department of Transportation (DOTr) head Jaime Bautista has bared plans to increase the EDSA Busway's unit count to over 500 buses. This
We can see this thing being a hit here
Here's a new alternative mobility option that we're certain your fur buddies are going to love. In Japan, e-bikes are now being built with compact underseat compartments designed specifically for small pets.This particular model is the Pony "Dog
Using concrete plant boxes instead of dividers sounds like such a good idea
Metro Manila may have the biggest bike-lane network in the country just because of the sheer size of the region, but a good chunk of that network probably isn't the most cyclist-friendly. If we're talking about properly built
The MMDA logged a total of 2,397 bicycle-related road crashes in 2021
In a recent story, we pointed out how sideswipes and rear-enders were the most common types of vehicular accidents in Metro Manila in 2021. Well, it appears the same can be said about bicycle accidents last year.In the latest Metro
The DOTr is helping cyclists get to and from school
Do you ride your bike to school? Whether you're a student, a teacher, or some other type of staff, riding a bicycle to school is one way to beat traffic and get around the metro. I mean, just look what happened
Do you get around on a bicycle, too?
Automobiles make up just a fraction of the country's overall transportation landscape. Just how big is the car's piece of the pie around here? Pretty small, as recent surveys by the Philippine Social Weather Station (SWS) show.A recent SWS
Traffic in the metro is expected to worsen starting next week
In a matter of days, we'll be seeing (probably) a huge increase in traffic all across the metro as face-to-face classes (F2F classes) return. There'll be more people queueing up for public transport, and there'll certainly be
It comes with a hefty price tag, though
Driving a car up a twisty road is nice and all, but there's an entirely different kind of adrenaline to tackling certain environments on two wheels instead of four.If this is a mindset you live by and prefer to have
How do you want this venture to play out?
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) equals the Vios, Fortuner, Innova, and a handful of other auto industry staples that have made local roads their home. Hence, TMP equals cars, right? Not exactly.A day ago, perhaps you'd have been correct. But earlier
The event will be a non-competitive one
To car guys, Bataan is best-known for the satisfying twist-filled drive up to Mount Samat in Pilar. Those of you familiar with history, though, know the area as the staging ground for one of the most tragic events of World
This is on top of staying out of the bike lane
Staying out of the bike lane if you're behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is a given. There are, however, many more regulations in place to protect cyclists that motorists might not be aware of.The Pasig City government recently
Chargers for e-bikes and electric kick scooters will be launched, too
Another week, another establishment with a new set of electric vehicle chargers opened to the public. This time, it's the Uptown mall in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) with its Pulsar Plus 22kw charging stations.While the star of the show at
The Bicycle Act of 2022 also lists other responsibilities of cyclists in PH
Despite there being lots of bike lanes in Metro Manila, cyclists in the city still have it pretty bad. If they didn't, there wouldn't have to be crackdowns on bike-lane violators, would there?That said, cycling is still one
Do you see? This is why we can't have nice things.Apparently, some bike repair stations in Metro Manila are being left unusable because their tools are being stolen. This is according to a recent report by TeleRadyo.Bike repair stations
Stay in your lane, guys
Seeing an open lane free of obstruction just sitting there unused by the side of the road? Yeah, it's tempting alright. And you know what? Using it if you're on anything besides a bicycle or electric kick scooter is illegal
Is this fair?
Time and again, we're told to "share the road." Yet every once in a while, we see reminders that other road users like tricycles and bicycles should stay on the right lane on the national highway. While that may sound convenient
The Striemo was built by a startup that originated from Honda’s Ignition program
It looks like Honda has been way busier as of late than we think. It isn't just the Sony-Honda joint venture that's on the carmaker's plate right now: The company is now branching out into the development of
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