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It’s a far cry from the model that briefly graced our market
Remember the Chevrolet Traverse? Especially back when we had it in the local market, it wasn't exactly a vehicle that gets the ol' blood pumping, yet it's still hugely important for the brand. Three-row SUVs are hot commodities, and
Chevy is bidding the storied nameplate farewell with this Collector’s Edition
After announcing that production of the sixth-gen Camaro is to end, Chevrolet has now revealed the icon's swansong Collector's Edition that it promised a few months back. A moment of silence, please.Only 350 of these special Camaros are
by Cat Dow
Could this take on the Vios?
Late last year, we brought up the idea of the 2023 Chevrolet Aveo potentially taking on the Toyota Vios locally. There was just one problem: At the time, only images of the hatchback were made available and we were still in the
Want this to hit our market?
In case you missed it, the Chevrolet Trailblazer is a smaller crossover now. No more midsize SUV-but that's not necessarily a bad thing as the model now has a shot at catering to an entirely new audience with its compact
You can never have to many seats, apparently
Are pickups getting too big? It's arguable. We mean, it's not like manufacturers are giving their trucks entire third rows yet, right? Right?Well, it turns out trucks with third rows are definitely in the cards for some lineups. The
Do you plan to mod your pickup soon?
Ford Philippines has some very good news for owners of the 2023 Ranger looking to give their trucks a beefier look.The American car manufacturer has announced that it is working with off-road specialist ARB to offer the latter's 2023
What say you, purists?
No factory Corvette has ever been this fast. Or this electrified. Marking 70 years of one of the world's most famous car names comes a bit of a shock: the all-wheel-drive, hybrid Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray.Yes, it's
Will this work locally?
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Most pickup users don't actually need 4x4 behemoths capable of moving the earth. Most buyers who do end up with these types of vehicles almost never use them for their
This looks perfect for road trips
When it comes to road trips, the return journey is usually the more tiring one. This isn't just because you'll likely be pooped at this point, but also because there's a good chance you've managed to stuff your
Too lazy to start from scratch?
The Ford Transit is easily one of the most #vanlife-ready platforms the industry has to offer. Aftermarket nuts aren't the only ones who've noticed either, as even the vehicle's manufacturer is now offering it in a package centered
Was the Hummer too much for you?
You didn't think GMC was stopping with the Hummer, did you? Granted, the Sierra EV isn't as mind-numbing when it comes to specs, but it's the same premise: a battery, numbers that'll blow gas-guzzling counterparts out
The brand has a lot riding on this thing
Say hello to "the new entry point" in the Jeep range. Nope, the all-electric Avenger isn't chasing the premium SUV dollar that so many other manufacturers have gone after: at just over 4,000mm long, this thing's smaller than
We drive a 4x2 unit to find out
There's the Ford Ranger, and there's the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The latter is usually what you go for when you want the best the lineup has to offer. You don't necessarily have to go all-out on a 4x4
Are you liking the new look?
Remember the Chevrolet Trax? The crossover was around for quite a while last decade, competing with the likes of the Ford EcoSport in a then-emerging crossover market.Well, things didn't work out for the model locally and it was eventually
We all have to start somewhere
Some say that the best driving school is being out on the actual street-faced with impatient motorists, zig-zagging motorcycles, and every pothole and bump Metro Manila's road system has to throw at you.They're not wrong. Experience is,
How time flies
The Everest, Ranger, Territory, and Ranger Raptor (soon, we think). Frankly, you just can't talk SUVs and pickups without mentioning Ford Philippines.The American car brand has cemented its reputation as one of the market's go-to truck and SUV
It’s still powered by gasoline, and it’s now more powerful than ever
The new Ford Mustang arrives at something of an interesting juncture for cars: expensive fuel, EVs on the upswing, and governments coming down on all things combustion-powered. So, does that mean the seventh generation is now downsized, hybridized or somehow bastardized?
Ever heard about Fordlandia, Brazil?
Before Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903, Henry Ford was already working with vehicles and automobiles in the 1890s. In 1896, Ford built his first vehicle, the Quadricycle, which had four bicycle wheels, a tiller instead of a steering wheel, and
A fourth will join them soon
Jeep is having a major pile-on in battery electric drive. It wants to be the 'global zero-emission SUV leader.' In Europe, that means all its new-vehicle sales will be fully electric by 2030. Even in the US, land of
The current-generation model’s final units have been sold
If you've been planning to pull the trigger on buying a Ford Ranger Raptor soon, you might want to sit down for this.The Ford Ranger Raptor, the performance version of the standard pickup, is no longer available in the Philippine
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