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It just didn't keep swimming
Pictured above is the Hobbycar B612 on a good day. Taken in August 2016, the photo marks the very first time that Lane Motor Museum tested the water-treading capabilities of its amphibious vehicle, which was designed by François Wardavoir and
Filipino ingenuity at its best
We've seen some wonderfully unusual things here at Top Gear Philippines, but H2O Technologies' top-secret toy takes the cake."So, this one's the clutch?" I ask, yet again, hoping the mechanic isn't too terribly cross with me. "And
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Last Wednesday night, a Filipino startup company called H2O Technologies officially launched the Salamander amphibious trike concept, a locally made three-wheel special-purpose vehicle that can travel both on land and in water. We knew many people would be interested in
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If you're into car customization, the name Atoy Llave will certainly ring a bell. The man behind A-Toy Bodykits and the company's aftermarket exterior designs is quite popular among Filipino car lovers. The curious thing you see here--the
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