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Only 3,000 units of this US-only model were built
Back in 1994, Mazda built a special-edition MX-5 exclusive to the US market called the M Edition. It's relatively a rare Miata, as Mazda only produced 3,000 of these M Edition models over the course of a few
Too many people have supercars, but not a lot have amphibious vehicles
If you want a car that'll stand out from the crowd, you don't need a mind-bendingly quick modern supercar or an ultra-luxurious limo. Everyone's got one of them. What you really want is one of these-a '
Do you think this is worth P34.59 million?
Seriously, what is it with Lexus LFA owners not driving their cars? We recently saw a barely-driven model-number 184 of 500-being sold on BringATrailer. Now, we get to see yet another low-mileage LFA being auctioned off on the
One’s enough, right?
There are two separate levels to falling in love with a used car being sold online. The first is the kind that makes you actually take a peek at your finances. The second makes you question if you really need two kidneys
A worthwhile investment?
Earlier this year, we reported that old-school Toyota Land Cruisers have gained value at a pretty impressive rate over the past couple of years. So much so that one might even consider the right specimen a sound investment.This unit right
A hidden gem hiding in plain sight
If you ever come across what looks like a hidden gem of a car stashed away inside an inconspicuous parking lot somewhere, be sure to take a closer look. You never know if you might have just hit the jackpot.A barn
Here’s a West-liveried MP4-17A-06 that raced in 2002 and 2003
Distraught at the news that Kimi Raikkonen will retire from Formula 1 at the end of this season? How about consoling yourself by buying one of his V10-engined McLarens from the 2002 and 2003 seasons? That should do the trick.This
Shiny and chrome
The year 2015 was a pretty eventful one for me for two main reasons: The first is that this was when I'd landed a full-time job with Top Gear Philippines. And the second is, well, Mad Max: Fury Road hit
How much do you think it’s worth?
This is an old Porsche 911 currently available for purchase, via auction. But, like so many Porsche 911s, it's no ordinary Porsche 911. It is a 1994 964 Turbo that rolled out of the factory wearing the very rare and very
It’s got only 46,103km on the clock
There's a premium to pay for unmodified, classic Japanese performance cars. We just didn't realize it'd be this kind of premium, because this R33 Nissan Skyline recently sold for $235,200 (P11.8 million).The rather fetching purple R33
Question is, will it remain a garage queen?
Remember the lightly infuriating McLaren F1 with 391km (243 miles) on the clock that was scheduled to cross the block at Gooding & Company's Pebble Beach sale?Well, we're here to report that someone ended up paying $20.465 million (P1.
How much would you pay for this one?
Nothing beats a classic Porsche 911. While this generation's Porsches-especially that new 911 Targa-are absolute works of art, it's hard to argue that the classics just have a different appeal to them.Take this 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera
It’s going up for auction
Crikey, for somewhere between $1.8million and $2.2million (P91 and P111 million) you'd have thought they'd at least paint it.Then again, doesn't this 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400S just look absolutely glorious in its naked state? Plus, it'
This is the only one among six movie cars with a VIN and a title
The GT40 is arguably one of the most iconic Ford nameplates ever. It's one of the biggest reasons why secondhand GT40s in the market don't come cheap. Well, that's if you do manage to find one in good running
And it’s a limited 25th Anniversary edition
We've seen plenty of low-mileage cars come up for auction in recent years, but this 2002 Volkswagen Golf GTI takes the biscuit.Now, the Mk4 model may not have been the most popular GTI in history, but this is at
Hollywood’s worst passenger?
They say Tom Hanks is someone you never want to find yourself traveling with. Flying with the dude? Cast Away and Sully. Going on a cruise? Captain Phillips, Greyhound. Out into space? Apollo 13. Simply put, if you're in transit with
Literally—it’s a one-off built for the 1954 Mille Miglia
Only the most diehard Porsche fans among you will have heard of Walter Glöckler. From the moment Porsche started building road cars in 1948, the German Porsche/VW dealer began turning them into racers. And Porsche was paying attention-Glöckler'
Do you prefer stock or modified?
Secondhand cars whose owners clearly spent a lot of time preserving their original state will always have a special place in our hearts. That said, we also really dig used units that have clearly had work put into transforming them.The Toyota
This thing looks like it just rolled out of the factory yesterday
The Lexus LFA is a bit of a unicorn, as only 500 of these were ever built in two years of production. That's why you can be damn sure whenever we find one being sold at an auction, we'll happily
Remember this?
How much is a solid hit of nostalgia worth to you? Why do we ask? Well, if you'll recall, the orange Toyota A80 Supra Paul Walker drove in the The Fast and the Furious recently went up for auction via Barret-
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