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What makes or breaks a supercar's mass appeal? There's the performance, of course, and then you have the design-we reckon these two qualities both hover around the top of the list of boxes to tick, yes?The Audi R8
Did you see this on the road?
Last Sunday, some of you guys probably came across a massive convoy of supercars and performance rides strutting their stuff south of Metro Manila. As you probably guessed, all of these vehicles converging in one spot wasn't a coincidence.What you
“Basically a Lamborghini Huracan undercover”
Underground Racing, purveyor of some of the fastest modified Lamborghinis on planet Earth, has announced a tuning package for the brand-new Audi R8 V10 Plus.Yep, not satisfied with the natural aspiration of Audi's rather lovely 5.2-liter V10
That would be the R8 V10 Performance RWD. Took them long enough
Nope, this is not a hardcore track-attack limited edition, like the Audi R8's extrovert Lamborghini Huracan STO cousin. That car, it appears, is waiting in the wings...This is pretty much the rear-wheel-drive R8 as you know it,
As they say, better late than...
There's been something missing from the current generation of Audi R8. Not noise, not speed...something raw. While its sister car, the Lamborghini Huracan, has spawned the trick-aero Performante and the wild Huracan STO, Audi has been weirdly quiet on
Power’s up by around 30hp
Audi has quietly announced an upgrade to the loudest car it makes. Today, friends, we welcome a brand-new R8 into the fold.Yes, a new R8-remember them? With all the noise surrounding Audi's fully-electric e-tron range, it'
A sad sight
Few things are more heartbreaking to a car lover than seeing amazing cars rotting away in some abandoned lot somewhere. It's sad enough coming across a dust-covered auto waiting for its owner in a parking garage, but coming across supercars
“We have decided to bring technology back to the lead”
Quattro. Aluminum bodies. TDi. Super-low-drag sedans. Audi had a habit of introducing world-beating engineering innovation. That gave the world the Ur-Quattro and A2 and R8. But then it sort of...stopped. And turned into a brand that was
A tribute to the Nürburgring
Apparently, it was three-time Formula 1 champion Jackie Stewart who first called Germany's Nürburgring the 'Green Hell.' Sixty or so years later, the nickname stands-the 20.8km Nordschleife, which runs through the heavily wooded Eifel Mountains, has changed
Sibling rivalry?
Normally, both of these cars are four-wheel-drive. Here, they're both rear-wheel-drive. Usually, because these are supercars, the manufacturers would find some tenuous justification for charging more money) for fewer driven wheels. But no, these two newcomers are
The automotive equivalent of mic drops
Coming along toward the end of each Mini Cooper generation's life cycle, we met the first GP (a supercharged fizzbomb weighing just 1,090kg) in 2006, and the GP2 sequel (a lairier, edgier prospect, turbocharged for more torque) in 2013, with
Drifting porn
Top Gear UK has apparently spent the past couple of months combing through the Chris Harris Drives archives, so they decided to stitch all their favorite bits into one awesome video. Imagine all your dream rides drifting and sliding in one ten-
What a lovely V10 this is
It did. When it was launched in 2018, the 'Rear Wheel Series' was a limited production run of 999 cars. Then last year, Audi facelifted the R8 range, giving it a sharper nose and some minor dynamic enhancements. Those actually had quite
Audi has made the book available online and for free
Have you run out of stuff to do at home yet? If you've managed to complete a year's worth of Marie Kondo-ing in just a couple of weeks, then we guess by now you're already on the look
Would you dare put the top down and floor the throttle?
German tuner Wheelsandmore has been living up to its name recently. Although perhaps it should start referring to itself as Wheelsandahellofalotmore. Sorry.We make this terrible joke because of what you see above. Yes, it may look like a reasonably standard Audi
It’s not that simple
Audi Sport is planning to double its sales by 2023. Most of that growth will come from branching out into new markets; the new RS6 Avant is available for the first time in the US, for instance. But what's the plan
100kph can be reached in under four seconds
The R8 V10 RWS, for 'rear-wheel series,' was a special limited-edition, rear-wheel-drive R8 launched by Audi way back at the start of 2018. The first rear-wheel-drive, road-going Audi in living memory-just 999 were built.
For €338,000, plus VAT
GT racing is set for a bit of a shakeup in 2020 with the introduction of a GT2 class. However, nothing is as simple as it should be in the world of motorsport, so GT2 cars will fill the current gap between
“Our customers love this car and its naturally aspirated engine”
The Audi R8 won its fifth Nürburgring 24-hour race in eight years last weekend. Quite the record, then, but when will it all lead to a properly hardcore road car?"We have some good ideas for more extreme models of
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