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Non-wagon fans, this one is for you
Super-sedans? Audi doesn't do super-sedans. No simple 'sedan' rivals to the likes of the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-AMG E63 for Audi. It does four-door coupes instead. And this is the new one: the Audi RS7 Sportback.
Tons of gadgets available as standard, too—including pepper-spray dispensers
If you're in need of an armored car that can comfortably top 320kph-what on earth have you gotten yourself in to? Seriously, you should consider some of your life choices.Anyway, if that is your current situation, then AddArmor has
And it did good times, too
Audi has been hard at work testing its self-driving or autonomous cars for quite some time now. We even reported that this piece of technology--known as piloted driving in Audi-speak--will soon be making it into production via the
Supercar-like wagon and liftback
When we think of high-performance motoring, we normally imagine a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or even a Pagani. But slowly, Audi is making a name for itself in the realm of extreme sports cars, and not just for its R8 supercar.We'
RS7 is latest car to demo piloted drive
Do you ever wish that you could put your car into autopilot, and let it take over the driving while you sit back and relax? While driving enjoyment is tops among many car enthusiasts, the reality is that there are times when
With 560hp and 750Nm
Less than a year after its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, the Audi RS7 is now officially on sale.Called by Audi as \"the epitome of aesthetic design, innovative technology and track-tested performance,\" the RS7 is a five-
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