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This means Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, and Bentley dealerships have reopened
An entertaining history lesson
The story goes that back in the late '90s, Volkswagen boss Ferdinand Piech decided his empire was going to build the world's fastest, most powerful supercar. Only he didn't know what badge it was going to have. The Big Man
It seems carmakers in the People’s Republic are now starting to recover
Some countries like China have started flattening the curve amid this COVID-19 pandemic, which means restrictions are starting to be lifted in certain places and businesses have started resuming operations.Bentley is one automotive manufacturer that has now resumed operations in
A labor of love
Last September, Bentley announced it was planning to build 12 recreations of Sir Tim Birkin's 4½ Liter 'Blower.' To do that, it would first need to completely dismantle its own Blower-Birkin's own, the most famous of the four originals-
Why not?
If you prefer your classic cars to be completely original and cherish matching numbers as if they were the key to The Da Vinci Code, you might want to look away now. If you're like us, this Bentley S1 pickup conversion
It depends on where you want to sit
Let's get one thing straight: Neither of these is the best car in the world. It's been a long time since the luxury sedan was the highest point on the automotive landscape, the pinnacle to which we all aspired. Now,
More than good enough for us
It's the Continental GT V8. It is, in essence, the entry-level Bentley Continental, priced as it is from around £150,000 (around P9.44 million), a whole £11,000 (P692,000) less than the big-boy W12 while being nearly
The end of an era
Why did Bentley kill the Mulsanne? Even the company's CEO Adrian Hallmark sounded mournful when Top Gear asked him about it. "Yes, the loss of the Mulsanne was a big call. We do it sombrely."The car is being given a
The longest between an automotive brand and a watchmaker
Bentley and Breitling have simultaneously launched the Continental GTC Mulliner and the Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition to celebrate their 17-year partnership that officially began in 2003, when the automotive brand commissioned the watchmaker to craft a dashboard clock befitting
By then, batteries should be able to provide the required range for grand tourers
Electric Bentleys will be here by the middle of the decade-so said CEO Adrian Hallmark when Top Gear spoke with him on Bentley's mock-Geneva show stand, hastily assembled in its Crewe showroom when the Swiss motor show was canceled
Only 12 will be built
Numbers first, because the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is not about numbers-it's about details. So we'll concentrate on the details, and get the figures out the way right now.An uprated bi-turbo W12 engine developing 650hp and 904Nm. A
Built for Bentley’s Italian distributor
This Bentley might look a bit like something our hosts Paddy, Freddie and Chris cooked up at the producers' behest, but it's actually a very special thing indeed-a one-off Continental R built by Bentley itself in the late '90s
For customers “wanting an even greater focus on beautiful details”
We know that Bentley is preparing something special for next month's Geneva International Motor Show. We also know that this...isn't it.Called the 'Bacalar' and hand-built by the company's Mulliner division, the special EXP 100 GT-inspired
Three different takes on a grand tourer meet for a blast to the mountains
The moment a sailing boat rises onto its plane, everything changes. It's not just about the extra speed, intense though that is. Breaking through its own bow wave, the craft tenses its muscles. It's more urgent to the tiller and
*Well, arguably the best
I've written about how astronomically good Naim Audio's sound setup is in Top Gear's long-term Bentley Continental GT, more of which you can read here. In short, it's astronomically good. So good, in fact, that it has
It’s all in the details
That's how much thread goes into the interior of every Flying Spur. There's a choice of 23 colors-but pay it enough money, and no doubt Bentley would let you have anything you wanted. The leather said stitching binds together
The 6.75-liter L-series unit has seen over 60 years of service
Silence, please, for the Bentley Mulsanne is about to be consigned to the history books. Okay, that may not fill your heart with sorrow-the big Bentley was always a divisive car to look at and a mere pipe dream for us
Only 15 units will be made
Is it even worth winning a motorsport event or breaking a record if you can't get a special-edition road car out of it? Pah! Of course it isn't, and luckily, Bentley set a new production car record at the
It also features electrified door handles
Another day, another armored car. What is the world coming to?Luckily, here at Top Gear, armored cars make us rather excited. There's nothing like a militarized options list to spice up a configurator. Recently, we've seen the Volvo XC90,
There's a lovely story behind it
Forgive us, but the story of this one-off, 1939 Bentley Corniche is just too rich to gloss over quickly. Our journey begins way back in the late '30s, with the specter of World War II looming...A young Greek racing driver
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