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Mad Max without a budget
We kid you not, this is no rendering, photoshop, or fake news fantasy. This is an actual Mad Max-spec, Dakar-inspired Bentley Continental GT off-roader. And it's just sold for £40,900 (P2.8 million). Most Bentaygas lavish twice
The most powerful Bentley ever
Earlier this week, we released a story about how 'The most extreme Bentley ever' was going to be revealed soon. Well, here it is. Meet the new Continental Supersports, the most powerful and fastest accelerating Bentley ever made.The British carmaker's
Less distractions for your chauffeur
Bentley is the latest carmaker to utilize the tech wizardry of the Apple Watch, which will now allow the smartwatch to control various functions of the hot new Bentayga SUV. This is done through a new app that enables passengers to "talk"
You need superlatives to describe it
What if you could have it all: ultimate luxury, all-terrain capability, and the best technology in one amazing automobile? Bentley promises all these in the Bentayga, its recently revealed premium SUV.After months of waiting, we now get to see what
How opulent is this Beluga edition?
The word "beluga" can refer to quite a number of things. It can be a type of watercraft or aircraft. It can likewise refer to a whale or sturgeon--the eggs of the latter are what's made into the revered caviar.
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