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The industry is definitely going electric
Last week, Munich played host to its first major motor show since COVID-19 hit. And from what we saw, the realization that there's been a big gear change in the industry was incredibly apparent.To give it its official 'IAA
Welcom to the i Vision Circular Concept
And you thought the new BMW M3 had overly large kidney grilles. Check out the face of the BMW i Vision Circular concept. Some moustache, that.The i Vision Circular is what BMW predicts a compact, all-electric luxury car could look
Riding gear is available, too
Any BMW owners here who've been holding off on splurging on accessories this year? Well, now might be your time to finally treat yourself.RSA Motors, the German car manufacturer's official local distributor, is holding a 9.9 sale from
The famous restomodder has cooked something up with Italy-based SpadaConcept
By now, you'll likely know Icon, its shut-up-and-take-my-money restomods, and its restomodder-in-chief, Jonathan Ward. For years, Jonathan has been the man to turn to for custom first-gen Broncos that'd make Jack Traven
This one’s said to be punchier than the current M3
BMW has long since supplied safety cars to MotoGP, the premier race series in the two-wheeled world. It also dishes out free M cars to the riders who qualify best over the course of a season.So it comes as little
Meet the R18 Transcontinental and the R18 B
It's hard to keep track of the BMW R18 motorbike's looks. No sooner has it received a new variant or custom makeover, and it's back into the changing room to be whisked into another world entirely.Today we join
It’s as if the Bimmer didn’t look beefy enough already
Looks like Japanese tuner Wald thought the BMW X7 needed to stand out a little more.Check out its new body kit. Certainly not shy, is it? Wald has fitted a mighty new front bumper that almost makes that grille look small.
The German carmaker wants in on the urban mobility lark
If you live in a city, there's a fairly good chance you've tripped over a strewn electric kick scooter in the past few weeks/months. Literally everywhere, aren't they?Well, never one to miss a niche-filling opportunity, BMW
There’s a market for these things
Modern-day BMW design is, um, controversial to say the least. And we bet the X5 and X6 Black Vermilion Editions will do precisely nothing to change that.On the face of it, the Black Vermilion Editions are little more than matte-
New colors and options galore
Following the release of the jaw-dropping R18, the introduction of the razor-sharp M1000 RR, and the Euro 5 update to the iconic R NineT line, BMW Motorrad still isn't finished tweaking its lineup. For the 2022 model year, the
It’s arguably one of BMW’s most radical designs in recent memory
It's official: BMW's futuristic-looking electric scooter from last year is off to production. The best part? The final model-dubbed as the BMW CE 04-will look basically the same as the concepts it was based on.The scooter'
It’s the least controversial-looking Bimmer in a while
Punchy-looking little fighter, isn't it? And yet, BMW's new 2-Series Coupe might well be BMW's least controversial-looking car for a long while. It's lumpy and bumpy from some angles. Downright squat and hunkered in others.
“It’s refined top up or down”
The story here: a cloth roof. The last two generations of this car (one the last to be badged '3-Series'; the other the first to carry the 4-Series name) deployed three-piece folding metal roof mechanisms, sacrificing weight, packaging, and
*insert money-with-wings emoji here*
The fastest, sharpest, and only fully-faired sportbike in BMW Motorrad's lineup, the S1000 RR, represents the pinnacle of the Berlin brand's road-legal. However, there's something one step above that, and it's the bike you see here-
The pinnacle of the brand’s performance
Local BMW loyalists looking for a taste of the manufacturer's performance-oriented offerings are going to want to ready their bank accounts.SMC Asia Car Distributors, the German carmaker's official Philippine distributor, has just launched three of the company's
The i Hydrogen Next will be produced in limited numbers next year
BMW has begun testing "near-standard" prototypes of the i Hydrogen NEXT-effectively a hydrogen-fueled X5-ahead of presenting a "small-series model" in 2022. The X5s will be tested in Europe under "real-life conditions" as BMW gears up to
It’s building a Le Mans-worthy car, at the very least
Le Mans 2023 is shaping up to be pretty-darn spectacular, with the likes of Ferrari, Peugeot, Toyota, Porsche, and Audi all signed up to race. And BMW could be next. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.Munich has just announced that, starting in 2023,
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