Have you ever tried using this excuse?
It doesn't matter whether you're heading over to the local grocery or going out of town-as far as the law is concerned, they're the same thing.In a Facebook post, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Task Force Special
The agency is not pleased
Quick, accessible, and affordable grub? Having a food cart nearby is a convenient thing-provided it has a proper place to operate, of course. This one which has drawn the ire of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Task Force Special Operations head
No, this is not allowed
So, we've all agreed that painting shady parking lines on the sidewalk won't work. But what about "sponsored" parking signs like the one you see above? These look legit enough, don't they?The answer is no. And the Metropolitan
How long was this thing sitting there?
There are cars that have been left parked illegally, and then there are cars that have been outright abandoned by their owner. Guess which category this old Hyundai falls into.That's right. The correct answer is both.Still, the owner had
Is it too late to address this issue?
Constant declogging and creek-clearing operations, upgraded pumping stations-yes, you can kind of call these band-aid solutions to Metro Manila's flood problem. But at this point, a permanent fix might already be out of reach barring something drastic being
Ingat mga sundo diyan
Do you ferry your kids to and from their school? If yes, we certainly hope you're a law-abiding motorist-otherwise, you might have a ticket waiting for you at your child's drop-off.The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
Yes, even if it’s the barangay you’re paying
We've seen all sorts of blunders and violations these past few months courtesy of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) intensified road-clearing operations. But what the agency recently came across somewhere in Caloocan, however, might be a first of
‘This will take a lot of political will’
Local motoring hasn't had an issue quite as hot as the no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) in quite a while. On paper, it's an admirable effort toward bringing order to our roads. Its implementation leaves a bit to be desired,
‘Wala bang barangay dito?’
Sometimes, having to perform simple car repairs-like replacing a flat tire-on the side of the road can't be helped. But turning part of a public thoroughfare into your personal repair shop? Frankly, that's a bit much.Drive around
Yay or nay?
Is the implementation of the no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) across several local government units going seamlessly? Not exactly. Just recently, Manila City had to repaint a lane marking that went viral as an NCAP trap.According to a recent report by
Are you down with this change?
Last week, many motorists scratched their heads at the Metro Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) plans to ditch traditional stoplight countdown timers in favor of a fancy new adaptive traffic light system.The new adaptive system measures a thoroughfare's vehicle volume
They just keep on coming
Man, there really is no end to them. Authorities recently apprehended another pair of motor vehicles sporting illegal license plates-this time, a kagawad and someone who's supposedly both a congressman and the country's number one lodi got caught.Of
But, but...it’s laminated!
The past week in motoring news definitely backs up the idea that common sense isn't so common anymore. Now, we've moved on from '2 joints' to this.Earlier today, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Task Force Special Operations (TFS) head
For those thinking about installing them
It doesn't matter whether you placed a custom license plate purely in pursuit of standing out or to hide your digits from no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) cameras-it's illegal.Authorities aren't laying the hammer down on this issue
Is this the right move?
Last week, Philippine senator JV Ejercito's petition to end wang-wang went viral after he called on the new administration to address the issue."As far as I know, only the President, VP, Senate President, Speaker, and SC Justice [are] entitled
The enforcers have since been brought to the hospital; MMDA to file charges
We can imagine Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) enforcers assigned to the agency's road-clearing operations team deal with all sorts of stuff. From unauthorized 'parking attendants' pocketing fees to washing machines and hoops obstructing roads and sidewalks, they've basically
What is a washer even doing there?
Illegally parked cars? Okay, we can see why someone would think to leave their ride where they aren't supposed to. Vulcanizing equipment? If your main source of income is by the side of the road, it makes sense.But washing machines?
Not cool
Want a tip on how to avoid no-contact apprehension programs (NCAPs) in the metro? Well, maybe don't commit any violations at all, no?What you shouldn't do is try and outsmart the system, because it will come back to
Bong Nebrija now heads the Task Force Special Operations and Anti-Colorum Unit
Just a week after taking the reins as the chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Romando Artes is already making some organizational changes. Artes has appointed three traffic officials to new posts to address the increase in vehicular volume in
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