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Passione Engadina is the car show dreams are made of
And what a way to go
This is the Mistral, the car with which Bugatti is bidding farewell to the internal combustion era. As we're talking eight liters, 16 cylinders, four turbochargers and 1,600 metric horsepower here, that is some era, and clearly something special is
A hat tip to the iconic Bugatti from the early-'90s
Bugatti has finished development of the ultra-exclusive, P593 million Centodieci after over 48,000 kilometers of road and track testing. Tough job, but someone has to do it right?Anyway, the very first customer car (one of just 10 that'll
That’s all, folks
Radim Passer, the millionaire who gained notoriety in January 2022 after uploading a video of himself hitting over 400kph on the Autobahn behind the wheel of a Bugatti Chiron, will not be charged for his stunt.Citing Germany's DPA news agency,
We wonder how many times this has been driven
Remember when Post Malone bought a 6x6 Hennessy VelociRaptor back in 2019? Yeah, it turns out over-the-top trucks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much he's willing to spend on rides.A 2019
Can you guess the violation here?
There's no such thing as selective justice. Well, at least not for the London traffic enforcer featured in this video.Yes, this is a Bugatti Chiron being pulled over in the UK for a traffic violation. Scratch that, actually. This isn'
What’s your take on this issue?
Remember the millionaire speed demon who flaunted his Bugatti Chiron's top speed on the Autobahn? Yeah, it hasn't exactly been a smooth-going past couple of weeks for him.According to a report by The Sun, Radim Passer could actually
Not a good look
Remember how Jurassic Park's Dr. Ian Malcom implied that scientists "were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should?" Yeah, we think it kind of applies in this situation.According to a
Our kind of personal care device
Aside from our occasionally full-bearded editor in chief, facial hair isn't really a thing here at Top Gear Philippines-which is fine, because we reckon the look likely won't cooperate with hot and humid climates like ours. Bugatti's
That’s roughly P238.1 million, before additional dues...
Last year, Bugatti showed us what the ultimate iteration of its hypercars could look like. The Bolide was a design study and 1,824hp track special that melted our poor little minds. And now it's real.Or at least will be
This Italian-sounding French marque was at one point German. Cue confusion
Bugatti is the car company that even non-car people have heard of. That's what happens when you've built the world's fastest, most expensive cars for the best part of two decades. Car people, on the other hand, will
And sold it as quickly as its once-record-setting speed
Bugatti has fully restored the very first Veyron Grand Sport prototype, the 'convertible' version of the car formerly known as the fastest in the world.The prototype itself dates back to 2008 and its reveal at Pebble Beach. It was a 'white
And Porsche is in on the fun, too
Car biz news doesn't get any juicier than this. The rumors were true-Rimac and Bugatti are combining forces to form a new company, Bugatti Rimac. According to Mate Rimac, the man on course for full world domination, both companies have
Looks quite familiar, don’t you think?
Welcome to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport-a 25cm longer, slipperier, lighter, and more powerful Chiron that looks...quite familiar, don't you think?Yup, you've seen this car before. It looks exactly like the record-breaking long-tail Chiron that
The Chiron-based hypercar is easily one of the most expensive new cars ever sold
Over two years since we first saw it at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire is done. Finished. Ready for immediate, Amazon Prime-style dispatch to its new owner, a "Bugatti enthusiast" who paid €11 million (P640
These come with a ton of features
Analog watches are nice, but there's a reason smartwatches have taken off the past several years-they're just so much more versatile, and come with a variety of features classic timepieces can only dream of having.Now, smartwatches are also
Wonder where that idea came from...
Remember 2007? Heady days. Mitsubishi launched the Evo X in 2007, while in the world of motorsports, a young Mr. Hamilton was making waves in a Formula 1 car.Oh, and something fast raced something really, truly fast.In unrelated news, Bugatti
The car is nicknamed ‘Lady Bug’
Welcome to an especially outrageous Bugatti Divo, with paintwork so complex, the company nearly gave up trying to realize its customer's request because it was simply too hard to get right.Yup-the collector who ordered this Divo asked Bugatti to
He’s set the bar way high for the mere mortals among us
As presents go, this certainly trumps a generic bouquet of flowers with a hastily written message card. This is a one-off Bugatti Chiron Sport-the harder, lighter, track-honed Chiron-"ordered by a husband as a gift for his wife." Yup,
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