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The two companies have stuck their hands up for a joint entry
Each one will be hand-built
This is the production-spec Cadillac Celestiq. And, just one sentence in, there are already a few things we feel we need to clear up. Firstly, it's hardly a production car: each Celestiq will be entirely hand-built, utterly customised and
Cadillac plugs into the future
This isn't the Cadillac of Cadillac EVs, though it's the closest approximation of one before that halo electric car finally arrives. It's called the Cadillac Celestiq, and it's a concept that aims to put the storied American brand
It will feature some design elements from road-going Cadillacs
Teaser images of new cars are often a little bit infuriating, aren't they? We're okay with this one though, not least because the Cadillac V-Series prototype that it previews looks particularly striking.We already knew that Cadillac Racing was
The high-performance version will officially be called the ‘Escalade V’
This absolute behemoth is the Cadillac Escalade V-the first-ever SUV to wear Cadillac's "high-performance" V-Series badge. Quite how performance-orientated you can make a 2.6 ton, 5.4m long Escalade remains to be seen, but consider
Only for the most ardent fans
Elvis Presley is thought to have owned more than 200 Cadillacs during his lifetime, and one of them could be yours now that this 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham has been put up for auction by the current custodian in Sweden.Far from
It ticks all the bonkers concept-car boxes
What is Cadillac for?In the '50s, it was all about pink, chrome, and fins like space rockets. In the late '90s and early 2000s, Cadillacs seemed to become the murdered-out weapon of choice for all hip-hop music videos.For
This just might be one of the most exquisite Hot Wheels cars yet
Luxury fashion house Gucci is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, it has partnered with Hot Wheels to produce a 1:64 scale-model replica of its custom Cadillac Seville.Say hello to the Hot Wheels x
Seems like the FOMO is real among carmakers...
Big news in the world of endurance racing: Cadillac has announced that it'll build a Hypercar to compete at Le Mans and in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship in 2023. Hurrah!Cadillac joins Toyota, Glickenhaus, Alpine, Peugeot, Ferrari, Porsche, and Audi
It’s hard to believe this is the final production form
Oftentimes, outrageous concepts don't always retain their radical designs if and when they do make it into production. We admit that sometimes it's a bit disappointing, but for the most part, we get it-the initial sketches and renders just
Did you catch the game?
The Super Bowl is usually a time when car manufacturers mess around with their ads. You know, hire a big name or two, have an absurd plot, and maybe throw in some big-budget visual effects-standard prime-time commercial stuff.This
With top speeds of over 322kph and 304kph, respectively
It's officially A Good Day for American petrolheads, for Cadillac has just released two new super sedans designed to take on the mightiest four-doors Germany has to offer.First up is the CT5-V Blackwing (white)-Caddy's BMW M5
As well as a new flagship EV called the Celestiq
Flying cars really might become a reality sooner than we think. Car manufacturers are starting to venture into what could be revolutionary automotive technology of the future, and the future looks real exciting.The latest carmaker to announce its foray into flying
Which of these do you think the carmaker should bring to life?
We're big on concepts here at Top Gear PH. And we're simple gearheads, too. We see a nice sketch, we press like.And quite recently, we've been treated to a series of interesting truck concepts from General Motors. GM
The carmaker has given us our first look at its new electric SUV, the Lyriq
Over the last few months, General Motors has been preparing for the reveal of another EV apart from the upcoming next-generation Hummer. That EV we're referring to is the Lyriq, the newest fully electric luxury crossover under the Cadillac brand,
Courtesy of a company called AddArmor
It might have seven seats and the dimensions of a Range Rover, but the Americans regard the Cadillac XT6 as a crossover. Heck, XT6 even stands for Crossover Touring 6, apparently.As a result, Wyoming-based protection specialist AddArmor is claiming that
They will be called 'Blackwing' variants
Fast Cadillacs get the 'V-Series' designation, but today, we learn that fast Cadillacs with the V-Series designation will now come in a range-topping 'Blackwing' version, and that's quite good news because let's face it, Blackwing sounds fantastic.
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