Does you car need a paint job?
Christmas is coming early this year for Honda owners whose rides are due for servicing. Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has announced that as part of its 2022 Holiday Delights promo, it is now offering special discounts on select parts, accessories, and services
No need to go aftermarket with this one?
Squarer, more brutish, and sporting an aesthetic very similar to more contemporary Ford trucks like the Maverick, it isn't hard to imagine how the all-new Ranger's design might not be everyone's cup of tea.Regardless of whether you
If portability matters to you
There's no hassle like having to deal with a dead battery in an empty parking garage late at night. Who's going to come to save you? Chances are any friend worth calling will be dead asleep, and any motorists willing
Riding gear is available, too
Any BMW owners here who've been holding off on splurging on accessories this year? Well, now might be your time to finally treat yourself.RSA Motors, the German car manufacturer's official local distributor, is holding a 9.9 sale from
For the introductory offer, this new OEM accessory is basically free
The Ranger Raptor X isn't Ford Philippines' only launch of the day. The carmaker has also just announced that the 4x4 Ranger Wildtrak variant can now be had with a power roller shutter as an added option.'Power roller shutter' just
It can do up to 200kph
If you can trust anyone to overengineer something, it's Porsche. Thus we meet the new Porsche Tequipment 'performance roof box.' Wondering how such a deeply sensible item warrants such a racy prefix? Just check out the development pictures of it latched
In the mood to splurge?
In the grand scheme of things, P14,500 for a car accessory isn't much. You can easily see receipts climb way, way higher than that, especially when hardcore enthusiasts find themselves in a spending mood."That amount sounds reasonable enough. Besides,
A project 30 years in the making
Now this is what we call a throwback. Quadratec has just released a new Jeep Wrangler build in celebration of its 30th anniversary, and the final product-aside from looking rugged as hell-is the perfect ode to the company's roots.
Never run out of battery again
Every now and then, we come across a product that has us kicking the ground and shaking our fist at the clouds asking "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" to ourselves. "We'd be millionaires by now!"This is
Or sitting anywhere in your garage for that matter
When it comes to car accessories, some things you simply don't have to mess with.Take the classic Wavian jerrycan, for example. It's simple, durable, and still produced in the same factory that has been manufacturing them for North Atlantic
What about the looks, though?
A Mercedes-AMG is not the kind of vehicle you want to plop a roof box on top of. They're just...not. If you have to install one for whatever reason, though, you'll be happy to know the company'
We'd leave these hanging even without the scent
A little over a decade ago, I snagged myself a pair of Jordan 1s-the first pair of shoes I bought on my own dime. Alright, technically I didn't pay for them because I used savings from an allowance my parents
Car owners, take note
Online shopping has been all the rage for several years now, but it has become all the more so during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, people have resorted to online purchases given how the situation has forced everyone to
Some people will always want a bit more flair
Like morning follows night, BMW's incredibly active M Performance Parts team has lobbed a load of stripes and carbon at the freshly updated M5 sports sedan.We suspect some of it will divide opinion. On the 'probably quite welcome' side of
For those cleaning out their garage
There's no stopping the all-too-Filipino trait of hoarding, no matter how hard we try. For whatever reason, we find it impossible to throw things away, instead allowing piles of junk to clutter our houses. One way to declutter and
Have you gotten into online shopping, too?
Frankly, we don't think there's any replacing the feel of holding a product in your hand before checking it out at the counter. Briefly familiarizing yourself with something's weight, the texture of its plastic, and the way its hinges
Pretty obvious if you ask us
Your eyes don't deceive you. There is something wrong with this 'Lamborghini Urus.' From up front, it might take a second look to confirm, but take a look at this thing's side profile and it's extremely obvious.This Urus
It could be a strong competitor against the likes of the Toyota Hilux Conquest
In the local market, carmakers with pickup trucks in their lineups offer special variants that provide the same output, but with a lot more style and goodies. For example, Toyota has the Hilux Conquest, Nissan has the Navara Black Edition, and Chevrolet
It’s one heck of a show
It's that time of the year again when the Manila Auto Salon, one of the Philippines' biggest aftermarket events, has opened its doors to the public.We announced in our previous story that the Sport Truck Show will be held at
Mark you calendars
Have plans this weekend? If they don't include dropping by the 2019 Manila Auto Salon, you're going to want to make a few adjustments.This year's edition of the country's most popular aftermarket event will be held from
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