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Elvis Presley is thought to have owned more than 200 Cadillacs during his lifetime, and one of them could be yours now that this 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham has been put up for auction by the current custodian in Sweden.Far from
Now this is what we call attention to detail
There are scale model enthusiasts, and then there are those who make the hobby look like a damn art form. The Bangkok-based builders from Akara Studio fall squarely into the latter category.Frankly, the studio's official Instagram account is a
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I think I'd probably just go to the Nürburgring and drive around until it ran out. Probably a 997 [Porsche 911] Cup car that I've raced there before and just lap, lap, lap, lap until it ran out. In
Would you like to see a remake featuring the GR86?
The old-school AE86 is car that will always hold a special place in the hearts of Toyota fans. This isn't just because the vehicle represents a simpler time of JDM purity, but also because of Initial D.The anime series
Admit it—you couldn’t stop watching, and it wasn’t always for a good reason
Shout out to Hector's Honda Civic, no doubt fitted with ball-bearing turbos and titanium valve springs. If you know, you know.The true cast of the original gather in the desert: the Skyline, the RX-7, the Integra Type R,
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For decades, this was BMW's highest achievement. A superfast V8 two-seater, beautifully built. That package was gift-wrapped in a gorgeous body styled by Albrecht von Goertz. It came about because BMW wanted to make a splash in America, and
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Yes, that headline sounds like the start of a very lame motorsport joke. Also, the activity in question is like comparing apples to oranges. So, why do it? Because you take any opportunity you can to make things go fast on a
Who needs presents anyway?
Time and time again, people have wondered: If Santa had to deliver gifts by car, what vehicle would he choose?An SUV or pickup makes sense on account of the cargo space they provide, but going this route is hardly an inspired
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Modern Jeep offerings are some of the most capable mass-market vehicles available. Now, as for whether you're using one as a mall crawler or an off-road beast isn't any of our business. But if you're treating your
There is always room for improvement
Asked for a track day for Christmas? Watching cars on a track doesn't teach you how to drive there. So if you're taking your car to a track, coaching will make you go faster, enjoy it more, and less likely
...but not the real thing. Welcome to the Mega X Tesla Cybertruck
Here’s how you can get tickets
The pandemic may be far from over, but that doesn't stop Filipinos from celebrating the most joyous season of the year, especially with bright lights and colorful Christmas trees. SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City launched a drive-through installation
Are you familiar with their price tags?
How well do you know cars? You know the badges, sure. You check the grille and you know which year it is, so that's good. But you arguably don't really know cars until you know how much you need to
Dropping in 2022
Have you been saving up to replace your monobloc gaming setup with something a little more upscale? Well then, we might have just found exactly what you're looking for.Premium gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab has teamed up with Lamborghini to produce
Takes us back to the good old days
Flowers and tie-dyes were all the rage in the '60s, '70s, and even the '80s. And for some people who grew up in that era, it wasn't just a trend that eventually faded over the years.Take Tasha Lacks, for
Carmakers have tucked spares on (or in) some rather interesting places...
Yep, the classic, the OG, the standard way for Jeeps, Land Cruisers, and Discoverys the world over to lug a spare tire around. Just bolt it straight to the tailgate.Extra points for making sure said spare wheel is encased in a
You don't see something like this every day
Yes, we're telling you somebody built a widebody twin-turbo V8 sports car...out of a DeLorean. Welcome to Salvage to Savage's extraordinary SEMA show car, and the future we were promised back in 1985.S2S's lead fabricator Tim
Prepare to be either amazed or horrified
The 'McMerc' SLR was one of the supercars of the early 2000s. Over 600hp, a carbon-fiber chassis masterminded by Gordon Murray, steampunk Batmobile looks, and, well, a pretty confused character, really. Part track-ready supercar, part deluxe heavyweight Benz. It was
Trick or treat!
Yes, Rolls-Royce is going to feature heavily here. Weirdly, the tradition of naming Rollers after ghostly apparitions came about by accident, over a century ago.In 1907, Rolls-Royce's marketing boss Claude Johnson had one of the company's new
Car guys sure do love their Gulp
For the most part, 7-Eleven stores are usually modest in size and situated along cramped city streets. Not that these establishments need to be anything more than that, as their purpose is to provide nearby or passing individuals with simple consumer
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