Freebies are also available when you bring your car in for PMS
Frontliners and partially/fully-vaccinated individuals who own a Honda vehicle are in for a treat, as Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) is rolling out its 'Modern-Day Heroes' promo.Until October 20, 2021, HCPI is offering a free vehicle cabin disinfection service
Have you looked into buying one?
Still mostly stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Yeah, we feel you. Gaining weight and running out of shows to binge on Netflix shouldn't be your only worries, though. If your car has been as idle as you
Looks can be deceiving
So you figured in a minor fender bender on EDSA with a fellow motorist. You step out of your cars, assess the damage, and try to sort things out. He admits he was in the wrong and asks if you can just
Time to drop by the service center
Even expensive luxury cars need a quick fix every now and then. If you happen to own a Lexus, a visit to a dealership for servicing might be in order now, as the brand is once again holding its Car Maintenance Weekend
Education is priceless
Mazda Philippines isn't letting COVID-19 put a stop to its partnership with the MFI Polytechnic Institute.In a statement, the Japanese car manufacturer's local distributor Bermaz Auto Philippines (BAP) said it will push through with its BAP Mazda-MFI
Here’s a good ballpark figure
The price tag of a brand-new car is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of car-ownership costs. Just because you have the money to buy it now doesn't mean you can afford to cover all eventual expenses
A repair job that can be done at home.
When it comes to deciding what car to buy, consumers put a lot of emphasis on engine specs, and for good reason. Examining a powertrain's capacity and output helps inform you of what the car is capable of and how much
Any other cars you would like to see get this treatment?
First, it was the Supra and 2000GT that Toyota decided to produce spare parts for as part of its GR Heritage Parts Project. Now, you can add old-school Land Cruisers to this list as well.The Japanese car manufacturer has announced
Proper brake fluid maintenance is key to keeping your car’s brakes in good shape
Brakes are arguably as important as any other part of a car. These are the ones in charge of stopping your vehicle, so maintaining them properly also helps keep you safe on the road.The first step in keeping your car's
Take care of your car, and it’ll take care of you
Maybe you read the title of this story and wondered to yourself just how hard driving a car equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) could be. It's just like any other automatic, right? Press the throttle to move, the brakes
What looks clean isn’t always clean
There's a running joke that on any given day you get your car washed-sometimes as soon as you pull out of your garage or car-wash place-it almost always rains. There goes your time, money, and effort down the
Does the PH need something like this?
If Congress gets its way, there might soon be an easier way for car owners to find out about vehicle recalls and service campaigns their units might be included in.House Bill No. 9503, also known as the Product Safety Online Information
It’s not called ‘Car Maintenance Weekend’ for nothing
How long have you been putting off having your Toyota serviced? Weeks? Months? Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, the next few days might be the perfect opportunity to finally get this item off of your to-do list.
A must-have for every garage
The list of tools that should be in your car or garage can be pretty extensive, depending on your willingness to get your hands dirty. Some things, like a car jack and a tire iron, are non-negotioable and should be in
A little extra assurance never hurt
If you're paying a premium for a car, you want to be sure you're buying not just performance, but convenience, too. We aren't just referring to an intuitive infotainment interface or extra features here, either. Once a vehicle leaves
They’re available locally
Thinking of storing your ride for a long time? Or maybe your vehicle's battery just needs charging? For these needs, you'll be well-served by a smart battery charger.If you're unfamiliar with them, they're nifty little devices
Is your current one expiring?
Buying a car is relatively easy. Making sure you keep it in tip-top working order, though? It's not as simple. Keep in mind that we aren't just talking about being careful when you're behind the wheel, either-you
Don't neglect your ride
We may all be stuck at home this summer, but just because we aren't going out on road trips doesn't mean we should end up neglecting our cars.If it's been a while since you had your car serviced,
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