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Get discounts when you bring your car or motorcycle in for maintenance
Common sense helps
Figuring in a car accident is easily one of any motorist's worst nightmares. Best case scenario? You're involved in a fender bender and have to shell out money for repairs. Worst case? Let's not even go there.That said,
Time to head to the casa?
Looking to cap off the year with a quick trip to the casa? If you own a Lexus vehicle, this weekend might be the perfect time to drop by.This is because Lexus Philippines is once again holding its Car Maintenance Weekend
Or any other fake parts for that matter
Rule number one when you're buying car parts online: If the price of an item looks way too good to be true, it probably is. Live by this, lest you end up putting subpar parts into your vehicle and cause serious
Have you heard of any more cases like this?
Driving a lemon car out of a dealership is an uphill battle the moment the first signs of trouble begin to surface. A recent case ruled in favor of the buyer, though, proves that taking your battle to the courts isn't
The issues stems from their brake actuator ECUs
Are you one of the lucky few who were able to snag a Land Cruiser LC300 when the SUV first became available? Well, we have some unfortunate news: You might already have to bring your unit in for repairs.Toyota Motor Philippines (
Sadly, not all models are part of this promo
Getting old isn't just tough on the body-it's pretty hard on the wallet, too. The same goes for most cars, which rack up maintenance costs just as quickly as they do kilometers on the odometer.If you're the
The company continues to expand
When someone mentions the longest-running names in the automotive industry, what are the first few to come to mind? Toyota pops up, having been founded in the 1930s, and the same goes for Nissan.Naturally, car manufacturers are the first brands
Definitely not a good look
In a perfect world, no car owner would leave their casa disappointed. Sadly, the numerous horror stories going around make it clear this isn't the case.Overcharging is one of the most common accusations hurled at casas by motorists-everything from
The brand is offering a 40% discount
Lexus Philippines has been a very generous car brand lately-not just because of special deals and financing options on a handful of its offerings, but because of discounts on some of its services and products, too.The luxury car brand is
‘Under warranty pa naman’
Why is it that many car owners are quick to dismiss trips to the casa as a ripoff? Well, the answer is simple: There are plenty of horror stories going around-not just regarding pricing, but the overall quality of service and
Does you car need a paint job?
Christmas is coming early this year for Honda owners whose rides are due for servicing. Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has announced that as part of its 2022 Holiday Delights promo, it is now offering special discounts on select parts, accessories, and services
HCPI’s program will allow customers to get higher resale values for their cars
Owners rejoice
Toyota has announced a new program of spare parts for a car it used to make in the '80s. That car is the AE86 Corolla, and that car is a bit of a cult hero thanks to its starring role in Initial
Way to mess up a good boxer engine
Changing a car's engine oil may be one of the most basic aspects of car maintenance, but it's also one that should never be overlooked.When it comes to 'change oil,' there are two factors to consider: kilometers driven and
Available only for the month of October
For those in the market for a new Lexus, you might want to check out what Lexus Philippines currently has in store for its customers.The Japanese carmaker is offering a free two-year periodic maintenance service (PMS) package with every purchase
Freebies are also available when you bring your car in for PMS
Frontliners and partially/fully-vaccinated individuals who own a Honda vehicle are in for a treat, as Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) is rolling out its 'Modern-Day Heroes' promo.Until October 20, 2021, HCPI is offering a free vehicle cabin disinfection service
Have you looked into buying one?
Still mostly stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Yeah, we feel you. Gaining weight and running out of shows to binge on Netflix shouldn't be your only worries, though. If your car has been as idle as you
Looks can be deceiving
So you figured in a minor fender bender on EDSA with a fellow motorist. You step out of your cars, assess the damage, and try to sort things out. He admits he was in the wrong and asks if you can just
Time to drop by the service center
Even expensive luxury cars need a quick fix every now and then. If you happen to own a Lexus, a visit to a dealership for servicing might be in order now, as the brand is once again holding its Car Maintenance Weekend
Education is priceless
Mazda Philippines isn't letting COVID-19 put a stop to its partnership with the MFI Polytechnic Institute.In a statement, the Japanese car manufacturer's local distributor Bermaz Auto Philippines (BAP) said it will push through with its BAP Mazda-MFI
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