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You have to laud the creativity
Designed for the tired huntsman, the Range Rover Rapport Excelsior has an electrohydraulically operated rear bench that elevates passengers through the open roof. You simply spot something alive, press a button, shoot its face off, then retreat into the Rangie without leaving
Now available for the 911 and Boxster
Several years ago, owning a personal 3D printer was kind of looked at as buying into a fad. Now, though? The tech is increasingly looking like the next giant leap in manufacturing everything from toys to car parts.Porsche knows what's
Hopefully, this feature will come as standard in all cars in the future
I was rarely up early during my college days-as much as possible, I avoided signing up for 7am classes. My parents, on the other hand, used to leave for work at around 6am at the latest. They never wake me up
Some of these names are quite esoteric
No surprises here. Overseen by Gordon Murray and powered by a 627hp 6.1-liter V12 created by BMW's engine genius Paul Rosche, the F1 is regarded as one of the greatest sports cars ever built. It remains one of the
Few things are more annoying in an otherwise very good performance car than an unsupportive driver's seat. Enter Porsche, a company that already makes very good seats, and its announcement that as of mid-2021 that its Exclusive Manufaktur department will
It can adapt to improve your well-being
Burn your gym membership. Tell the dog to walk itself. Jaguar Land Rover is currently researching a new kind of shape-shifting car seat that simulates the "rhythm of walking" to mitigate the perils of sitting down for a really long time
Read and be informed
It has been a long time coming, but the government has finally passed Republic Act 11229, a law which provides for the Special Protection of Child Passengers in Motor Vehicles. While the law will not take effect immediately, current and future parents
Keep your plush interior clean
Basically, your car's leather, aside from giving your interior a plush and luxurious look, is prone to grease stains and embedded dirt from use or abuse. Whether it's made from authentic animal skin or synthetic materials, it is porous and
Ford shows us through these videos
Because car owners spend more of their time sitting inside the vehicle than ogling their ride from the outside, carmakers meticulously design the cabin. Ford, for one, makes sure that the materials--from fabrics and leathers to plastics--are durable and do
No cargo is more important than your kid
We've previously posted about the different kinds of child seats and their uses. One term that came up was Isofix. For parents who are truly serious about the safety of their children, the presence of this system is pretty important in
Baby seat, child seat or booster seat
One of the bonuses of owning an automobile is taking long road trips with the family. But for those of us with small kids, assuring their safety in a car equipped with adult-sized seatbelts is a big issue. While there are
Because conventional ones are bulky
Knowing that a conventional children's car seat is bulky and tedious to mount inside a vehicle, Volvo Cars is currently developing a lightweight and inflatable rearward-facing child seat that is "safe and easy to pack and carry, and will enable
Where you\'ll spend most of your time riding the vehicle
Possibly one of the most anticipated all-new car launches in the Philippines this year is the Toyota Vios. I can\'t say I\'ve driven it, nor even seen it in the flesh, but it looks like a winner, at least
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