The question is, do you want to?
Ever wanted a car you could talk to? If you drive a BMW, you'll be able to do just that by next year.The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will make you more connected to your car than ever before. It
As told by our resident tito
It's pretty safe to say that most people around my age (I'm in my mid 20s, for the record) who grew up with the Internet and easy access to computers are fond of technology. We've grown up accustomed to
We answer a Miss Universe question
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.We couldn't help join the buzz surrounding the Miss Universe pageant held recently. Like the rest of the country, we had high hopes
Self-driving included
The classic film Back to the Future might have predicted a world where we don't need roads, but if current trends are anything to go by, pavements will still play a part in how our cars move around. The difference is
Quite literally so
We got to chat extensively with Stefan Ramaekers, senior technical trainer of Lexus Europe, and he gladly explained what we were looking at on the cutaway model of the Lexus LC500 that was on display during its global launch in Spain.If
Probably more awesome than your car
If you reside in Metro Manila, your image of a delivery van likely involves the following adjectives: clunky, rusty, gas-guzzling and most certainly late. Well, a German vehicle manufacturer wants to change that image for tomorrow's generation. Say hello to
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