Looking for a new full-size SUV?
Another option has surfaced in the local full-sized SUV segment. This time, it comes courtesy of Chevrolet Philippines, which has quietly introduced the 2022 Suburban to the local market.The Suburban's availability comes just around two months following the arrival
If you pay in cash, at least
Cash discount promos among local car brands are by no means uncommon. Frankly, it seems like every month there's one. Rarely, though, do we see these deals reach a level as we have here with Chevrolet Philippines.From now until June
The hybrid will be launched next year followed by the fully electric version
How long did we have to wait for a mid-engined Corvette-about 65 years? Well, you spend a lifetime holding out for a revolution and then two turn up in the same decade.Fresh from ditching its rear-engine configuration in
The brand’s lineup is downsizing
There used to be a time when the Chevrolet Trailblazer warranted consideration among the country's top midsize SUVs. Sure, it wasn't going to touch the Toyota Fortuner or Mitsubishi Montero Sport in terms of unit sales-but it had a
It could out-Ferrari Ferrari
What if I were to tell you that later this year, someone was going to launch a new supercar with no electric assistance. No hybrid help. No turbos, either. And that, in these twilight days of internal combustion, its engine would be
As good as it looks?
It's a new era for Chevrolet locally. Former brand staples like the Colorado pickup and the Trailblazer midsize SUV are no longer listed on the carmaker's official Philippine website, and in their place under the spotlight rise two new offerings
Big names like the Subaru BRZ and Chevrolet Tahoe also made their local debut
In case you aren’t digging the Toyota Land Cruiser
No more Ford Expedition? No problem. There's a new full-size SUV from the US of A in town, and while it may have taken its sweet time getting here, we're glad to see it available.We're talking, of
There’s no escape
Chevrolet has revealed its first-ever pursuit-rated Silverado police unit, and it has a message for any bad guys planning to lose their tail by taking things off-road: Yeah, good luck with that.For law enforcement purposes, the company has
All good
Several days ago, Texas motorist Riley Leon found himself on the front page of the Internet after a tornado flipped his pickup truck over on its side and spun it around while he was on the way home from a job interview.
Check out the teaser inside
Given the way gas prices are soaring, you'd be forgiven for setting aside your dreams of owning a performance car to opt for something more economical. What's the sting of settling for an econobox compared to five years of shedding
Electric cars dominated ad space this year
The Super Bowl can be a pretty big deal here at Top Gear Philippines-not because we're excited to see a high-stakes game of pigskin being thrown around, but because US car manufacturers go all out for the ads they
Available on 2023 Stingray and Z06 models
Next year, the Corvette nameplate is turning 70 years old. Eight generations across seven decades. Chevrolet says it's currently the longest-running nameplate of any car on the road today.To mark the occasion, Chevy has now revealed the 70th Anniversary
It’s not just the Silverado that will have an EV version in 2023
Well, that escalated quickly. But perhaps, considering the rate of automotivedom's electrification, not quickly enough.Right after debuting the Silverado EV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Chevrolet also confirmed that electric versions of the Equinox and the Blazer will be
This electric truck boasts a maximum range of nearly 650km
Here comes the newest challenger to Ford F-150 Lightning: the Chevrolet Silverado EV. After months of teasing, the American carmaker has now given us our first real look at its all-electric truck.Chevy appears to have taken a similar approach
It rides on a brand-new chassis and hides an LS3 under the hood
At Top Gear, we're very large fans of the literal.Maybe it's all those days spent reading breathless press releases about how the styling of the new car's air vents is 'considerably more dynamic' than the model it replaces.
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