Kombi Brew
We've seen all sorts of food trucks and mobile cafes over the years. There's arguably nothing quite like this one, though: Kombi Brew's beautiful orange Volkswagen Kombi.This classic bus-aptly named Kahel-has been converted into a full-
A peaceful breakfast with a view? Need
Tagaytay is easily one of the most popular go-to places for anyone looking to unwind, especially for folks who live in the metro. The only problem people like me have with the place? It gets too crowded on weekends.In their
Definitely worth dropping by
If you live near Taytay and are looking for a nice place to work remotely, Palpitate Coffee along the Ortigas Avenue Extension might work. The place has a neat, clean atmosphere and a decent amount of parking space with great lighting.Well,
This hole in the wall cafe is quite the gem
A lot of us these days have completely shifted to work-from-home setups throughout this pandemic. I myself am lucky enough to not have to report to the office every day. And since I live south of the metro, it means
Road-tripping to Laguna? Try this one out
I always rave about the food culture in my hometown of Los Baños to my teammates at Top Gear Philippines, all of whom-save for one-live in Metro Manila. "Sarap talaga ng pagkain sa LB" is something I say regularly.
Interestingly, the SUV’s a 4x2 MT variant but with a bunch of off-road upgrades
We've seen mobile coffee shops pop up left and right throughout this pandemic. We've seen all sorts of vehicles being used as actual coffee stations, from a small motorcycle to a humble Toyota Vios. This last one we just came
This will be available at three Hotel 101 branches from 6am to 12pm on weekends
Cyclists don't always ride their bikes for their daily commutes or to train for competitions. Some cyclists out there just want to have quick rides around the city, grab some breakfast, and get home before it gets too hot. Or in
Why are we not surprised it’s expensive?
Formula 1, as with most other forms of sport, is a heavily commercialized spectacle. There's branding everywhere-everything from car-related merchandise to household products like batteries, watches, and banks.Of course, there are drinks, too. Red Bull is obviously the
The ‘chiosco’ is launching this Saturday in Greenhills
Driving out to get coffee is one of the things we here at Top Gear Philippines are quite fond of. That's why we're always on the lookout for new joints where we can get our caffeine fix. We already have
Suzuki UK has turned its quirky 4x4 into a full-on coffee shop on wheels
Mobile coffee shops have been all the rage since the start of this pandemic. We've seen people open mobile cafes with a Ford Ranger, a Toyota Vios, and even a modified Yamaha RXT 135 motorbike.But if we were to open
It actually started as a joke
Andrea Ruiz and Rabbie Lumboy are both former Overseas Filipino Workers in Singapore. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their jobs got affected and their contract renewal was halted since the Singaporean government couldn't support them anymore. They eventually had
We like this business model
Well, here's a setup that brings new meaning to the term 'cafe racer.'A new mobile coffee shop in Cebu City named The Coffee Mobile (makes sense) is bringing its brews to customers via a motorbike that turns into a pop-
Saan aabot P5,000 mo?
The ongoing pandemic has not only affected people's health across the globe, but it also threw the economy into disarray. Since March, we've seen many people lose their jobs and close their businesses. This has forced some into finding other
That price tag, though
Everyday after lunch at the Top Gear Philippines office, I buy a P20 cup of coffee, bring it back to my desk, and down it like I would any other drink. If my acid's acting up, I might splurge on a
You can't go wrong with cars and coffee
We all probably know a guy who runs on coffee like cars run on fuel. Part of his morning routine includes sitting down for a cup of his favorite brew, and he deems it as important as taking a bath before heading
Would make for a great gift
One thing all motorists know is that hot drinks and car interiors-or worse, a driver's lap-don't mix. Chances are some of you guys have learned this lesson the hard way, too.Since a cabin's cupholders can only
An alternative to your regular cafe
Welcome to our new Food Trip series, where we'll be visiting cool and interesting food places and sharing our thoughts about each one. Naturally, we'll be checking out establishments with convenient parking for our beloved cars.Our first trip takes
Always stay alert
Driving while you're sleepy is one of the most dangerous things you could do on the road. If you're feeling tired, or your eyes are starting to shut, it pays to pull over and take a short break. But should
Searching for the metro's best coffee
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.We love coffee here at Top Gear Philippines. We like to think of it as high-octane fuel for our hectic work days (and
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