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It still isn’t a done deal yet, though
There have been some reports going around that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is considering abolishing the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS), or what's more commonly known as the LTO's online portal. The agency has just released a statement to
The LTO also extended the validity of select registrations and driver’s licenses
Gasoline, meanwhile, could go down by up to P0.50 per liter
Heads up, motorists: Another set of rollbacks for diesel and gasoline products are expected to take effect this week.According to the latest forecast from Unioil, diesel prices could go down by P0.50 to P0.60 per liter from October 4
Roadworks near North Avenue have left one lane passable for motorists
Heads up for all motorists driving northbound via EDSA today: If you're passing through North Avenue, you could run into heavy traffic in the vicinity.Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Task Force Special Operations (TFS) head Bong Nebrija just shared a
What do you think?
If you're charging £2,500 (just under P160,000) for your scooter, you better be sure people are getting their money's worth. More so when you're calling your product the "world's first hyper scooter."Does the Dragonfly DF-
Buzzer beater!
The Samar Pacific Coastal Road is hardly the Department of Public Works and Highways' (DPWH) smoothest endeavor. Hindered by poor weather, the project has been ongoing for four years already. It appears, however, that construction will soon come to a close.The
Are you fine with these numbers?
The Philippine government's infrastructure push isn't going away any time soon.Recently, the House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill no. 4488 or the General Appropriations Bill in its second on third reading in one day.Essentially, this move
If your registration expired in August, you have until October 31 to renew it
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) previously announced that the registration validity of vehicles with plates ending in 8, 9, and 0 will be extended for a month. Kudos to the agency for being proactive, but it looks like that extension won't
Here’s everything you need to know about the new routes
In case you missed it, new point-to-point (P2P) bus routes from Greenhills to Alabang and Antipolo have just opened. Commuters, this is something you should check out. The Greenhills-Antipolo P2P buses are operated by Rizal Metrolink and are available
The LTO on Wheels will be in the area starting 8am
Got any pending transactions with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that you just can't seem to finish? If you live in Quezon City, here's something that might help you out: the LTO on Wheels.For today, September 29, the mobile
The agency isn’t giving up just yet
Is the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) PUV modernization program (PUVMP) in limbo? If the agency isn't able to secure funding for the initiative for 2023, it just might be.Earlier this month, the DOTr failed to secure its P778 million
Will you be taking these soon?
As far as getting around Metro Manila is concerned, taking a P2P bus is easily one of the more convenient options available.Agree? Then you'll be happy to know that a couple of new routes to and from the Greenhills Mall
This only the partial cost
While Typhoon Karding may already be outside the country's area of responsibility, the Philippines isn't out of troubled waters just yet.Based on partial numbers released by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Typhoon Karding has left behind
You can’t just DIY this, people
Sometimes, you just can't help but be amazed (baffled, even) by the genius or what we usually call diskarte of the Filipino people. That diskarte, though, isn't always put to good use.Remember the time when an illegally parked jeepney
Think this will be a game-changer?
Remember the Walkable and Bikeable Communities Act? Also known as Senate Bill no. 1290, the new piece of legislation is meant to make the local setting safer for pedestrians and individuals who turn to alternative mobility for transport. Well, it's now
Lane closures on NAIAX are apparently causing heavy traffic along Skyway
Heavy traffic along Skyway is a common sight on, say, a Friday evening. That's just the usual weekend for you. On a Tuesday afternoon? Well. that's not something you see every week.That's what's happening along the elevated
Here’s how you can make good use of the agency’s new initiative
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is now allowing motorists to contest traffic violations online, in case you haven't heard. Pretty handy, right? But we know a lot of you are curious about just how exactly you should go about it.
There now appears to be some overlap between proposals from SMC and MPTC, though
Did you miss the news? There's a new expressway connecting Cavite to Batangas that's in the works. The provincial government of Cavite has reportedly accepted San Miguel Corporation's (SMC) proposal to build the new tollway, the company said in
Be sure to mask up, guys
Heads up, guys. If you take public transportation in areas under Alert Level 1, you're going to want to be extra careful during commutes moving forward.The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has announced that public utility vehicles (PUV)
Keep this in mind
So, can traffic enforcers under local government units confiscate your driver's license or not? The answer is a definite 'no'-at least if you're in Quezon City.The Quezon City government has made it clear that its traffic enforcers will
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