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The workhorse CR-V
Back in 2017, Honda Cars Philippines dropped a bombshell by introducing the seven-seater, diesel-powered CR-V to our market. The fact that the compact SUV had more seats and ran on an oil-burner engine was big news at the
Another budget-friendly compact crossover has entered the fray
It's been a busy end of the year for GAC Motor Philippines. In the fourth quarter alone, the carmaker has already launched two new models in the GN8 Master's Edition and the updated GS8. Now, it is unveiling yet another
A very underrated option
Compact SUVs? Yeah, we have a good number of them here in the Philippines. Diesel-powered offerings? You aren't going to turn a corner around these parts without hearing their familiar rattle. Both in one package, though? Surprisingly, there aren't
Could its lines be any bolder?
No, this isn't another Gazoo Racing release. It's easy to see, though, how a person might mistake this for one on account of its appearance.This is actually the 'Adventure' version of the current-generation Toyota RAV4. Not bad, eh?
New exterior design elements, larger interior space
Well, if it isn't the new Kia Sportage. Kia's just revealed it at the motor show they're doing in Munich this week. It's the first European-specific one in 28 years. The car, that is, not the motor
One of the most eye-catching compact SUVs in the market
Take a look around, and you'll notice that compact SUVs are about a dime a dozen these days. Almost every carmaker is beefing up its presence here, and it now takes a lot more to stand out now than it did
But it’ll also have hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options in the future
Kia previously gave us a proper look at the fifth-generation Sportage. Now, the Korean carmaker has finally released details about the tech and engine options that this new Kia will come with. Let's take a look.Apart from the massive
How is it as an all-rounder?
I recall putting the new Vitara through its paces on the racetrack back in 2017, thinking: "What a fantastic crossover this is." And it was, compared with what was available at the time. But over the past four years, the subcompact-crossover
Everything just appears much more streamlined
Yes, it sure is. It's the all-new Kia Sportage-equal parts edgy and macho. If you ask us, it's a pretty sizeable improvement over the previous generation's appearance, too.You could say that, but it's not like
It embodies Kia’s new ‘Opposites United’ design language
It's here, people. The all-new Sportage that Kia teased a while back is officially out in the open, and it's looking pretty damn good.It's an overhaul, all right, as the entire front end has been completely reworked.
Nothing short of an overhaul
The Kia Sportage is getting an overhaul. The first teaser images for the next-generation compact SUV have been revealed, and it appears the South Korean car manufacturer has made some drastic changes-at least design-wise.As with most teasers, the
The new Vitara AllGrip will be launched on May 28
Mark your calendars, folks, especially if you're in the market for an all-wheel-drive compact crossover. Suzuki Philippines has just announced that it will be launching the Vitara AllGrip-AllGrip being the moniker for Suzuki's AWD technology-on May
It looks good enough for simple trails
Volkswagen has been pretty busy as of late. Really busy.It just launched the refreshed Polo, the new ID.4 GTX, and the updated seven-seat Tiguan. It also unveiled the Talagon at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. Plus, it's still working
Developed jointly with Toyota
It turns out the all-new Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are hardly the extent of the two Japanese carmakers' collaboration. Just last month, the former unveiled the bZ4X-a high-riding EV that supposedly combines Toyota's battery know-how with
Did you buy one?
The first-quarter car sales numbers for 2021 are in, and so far, the Ford Ranger is the country's best-selling 4x4 pickup.Ford Philippines made the announcement today, saying that a total of 1,273 4x4 Ranger units were sold
Is it still one of the best bang-for-the-buck compact SUVs in the market?
There is one model in MG's local lineup, though, that has been overshadowed a bit by the ZS's success: the RX5. I understand that at this point, the compact SUV is a few years old already, but it still looks
We’re going with slightly different segments this time
Ultimately, the decision on what car to buy comes down to price. Forget fancy features, mind-boggling performance, and segment preferences: If something's out-of-budget, it's usually out of the question-lest you end up financially handicapped for the
Is it a viable contender?
Despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 proved to be a busy year for Ford Philippines. Chief among its efforts last year was the launch of the Ford Territory, a China-imported compact crossover. At the time of the launch,
The carmaker is already reaching out to affected owners
Is your Ford Territory having issues starting? If so, your unit might be part of a recall to address issues surrounding the vehicle's electrical battery sensor (EBS) wiring harness and bracket.In a statement, Ford Philippines announced that it is already
Powertrain options include the e-Power hybrid setup first seen on the Note
This is it-the all-new, third-generation Nissan Qashqai unmasked for the very first time. Striking, isn't it? Nissan says it's more "muscular, sharp and modern" than before. We just can't get over how many creases there are.
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