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With much of the tech carried over from the 308 R Hybrid concept
To be powered by a “turbocharged petrol-electric hybrid engine”
Aston Martin is going to build a mid-engined supercar, and, if you squint a bit, deploy some imagination, and maybe turn up the brightness on your screen, this is it.It's codenamed Project 003, because the Valkyrie-the most powerful
It’s looking very production-ready
Honda has already confirmed we'll see a near-production version of its cute Urban EV in a matter of weeks. And now we've been allowed a better look.The big news in Honda's eyes is our first glimpse of
Aston Martin’s luxury brand teases the ‘All-Terrain Concept’
The modern incarnation of Aston Martin's luxury branch-Lagonda-has long grappled with the concept of future automotive, offering up a near-£700,000 (P47.5 million) V12 luxury sedan (Taraf), and last year's dazzling Vision Concept.This, however, is
Here’s what one should/could/would look like
Are you a sadist? Have you been struggling to sleep at night as the fifth-generation Supra's agonizingly tortuous gestation period is finally over? Well, let us spool up the Toyota Supra rumor mill once again. This, ladies and gents, is
Its drivetrain has yet to be revealed
Mitsubishi has teased its latest concept ahead of a grand unveiling at Geneva, and despite the limited details that have been shared, we already know the most important fact about the car.They've called it Engelberg, how cute! Okay, its full
New prototype previews a cute, affordable electric city car
Just weeks into 2019, news headlines are already full of nasty mud-slinging. Even the weather goes dark and dreary at times. You'd be forgiven for having a fairly murky outlook on life right now.Enter Honda's little ray of
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