A four-seater GT Lambo, anyone?
It's probably Aston Martin's fault, you know-the British scar maker had revealed the Rapide, its own four-seater grand-touring sedan at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show, and with half an eye on expanding its range, Lamborghini clearly wanted
How do the concepts compare to what hit showrooms?
Not long ago, Nissan unveiled the all-new X-Trail (sold as the Rogue in other markets) featuring an athletic body and a drastically-different face compared to the outgoing generation. Relatively, the crossover had a lot going on in terms of
How can we forget the Furai?
Mazda did not invent the 'Wankel' rotary engine (that was a German man called, unsurprisingly, Mr. Wankel), yet it is undoubtedly the car manufacturer most associated with this type of motor. Because though the design was licensed to pretty much every mainstream
Inspired by jet fighters
Post-World War II, the fighter jet was king. Boys dreamed of being pilots, and girls dreamed of marrying them. Carmakers wanted to bask in the reflected glory. Among them, Chrysler first came up with a turbine-engined car in 1954 by
Ahead of its time
This is the Mazda RX-500, also known as what happens when you let engineers off their leads. For the first 30 or so years of its life, Mazda didn't make a single car. Instead, it produced machine tools, tuk-tuks,
We’d do anything to see this in the metal
Gran Turismo Sport isn't just everyone's go-to racing simulator-it's a technical tour de force. Visually, it's as close to real-life as you're going to see in a video game. It looks that good.Naturally,
Overseen by real Bugatti designers
Back in 2015, we published a series of images from Dutch designer Andries Van Overbeeke after he'd mocked up what the future of Formula 1 could look like. That 'future' was a jaw-dropping vision for the cars of 2017-what
It predated the X5 by four years
This is the BMW Z18 concept from 1995. It aimed to fuse the adventurous world of enduro motorbikes, off-road buggies, and posing in a convertible. It was put together by designers and engineers from BMW's renegade R&D division set
An entertaining history lesson
The story goes that back in the late '90s, Volkswagen boss Ferdinand Piech decided his empire was going to build the world's fastest, most powerful supercar. Only he didn't know what badge it was going to have. The Big Man
Say hello to the Hyundai Tarlac concept by Enoch Gonzales
The truck pictured above is a Hyundai, yes, but it isn't the Santa Cruz that's headed to production-this one here is the Hyundai Tarlac, a concept designed by artist Enoch Gabriel Gonzales. We understand if you may have mistaken
It packs an advanced hydrogen-powered rotary engine at its core
We've seen some interesting concept cars as of late-remember Esa Mustonen's Koenigsegg render? Maybe we can file those under the good things that come out of quarantine.Another render under that same category is this Mazda RX-10 Vision
We wonder what marks he’ll receive for his output
The rendered concept car you see before you is a Koenigsegg. You might have already figured that out because the doors may have given it away. But you may have also noticed that those vertical-opening doors rotate toward the rear rather
A spacious, tech-loaded cabin with a minimalist, elegant style
No, this is not the minivan version of the Tesla Cybertruck. This is the Brubaker Box-albeit a modern version of it-and we're certain not a lot of people remember the nameplate, especially since it didn't make its way
It was a working concept, too
In 2001, Aston Martin was a very different company-wholly owned by Ford, no official involvement in motorsport, and with a range made up of just two cars (the DB7 and the first-generation Vanquish). How could it possibly know what the
The latest from the Korean carmaker
The Hyundai Prophecy-which was supposed to be revealed at last month's Geneva motor show but, erm, wasn't-might look like an old Porsche 911, but it's actually inspired by swoopy vintage cars of the Twenties and Thirties. Hyundai
Go big or go home
The all-new electric Fiat 500 is a properly committed effort by Italy's small-car specialist. Though it riffs off the familiar 500 shape, it's bigger on the outside, better on the inside, and totally differently powered.It's an
The RX-Vision GT3 will be playable from May
Hands up-who remembers the Mazda RX-Vision Concept? First revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show way back in 2015, it's a two-door, two-seat sports car very much in the mould of the old RX-7. Oh, and it'
We deserve this
No, the Coupe 2020 Concept isn't the work of BMW itself-c'mon, the grille is way too small. It was designed by a Ukrainian designer called Vladimir Panchenko, and isn't it just the prettiest 'BMW' you've seen in
It was created together with German film score composer Hans Zimmer
The lack of an engine sound in an EV once posed problems for pedestrians in real-life situations. These days, however, it has become an opportunity for carmakers to customize their products even further in a way where they can truly inject
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