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This SUV sketch is codenamed ‘X200,’ and it looks familiar
Modernizing a ’70s rally icon
One of the Japanese car icons of the '70s is the first-generation A70 Mitsubishi Lancer, and one of the most popular versions in the Philippines was the mid-'70s L-Type, nicknamed after its L-shaped taillights.The variant enthusiasts dreamed
It’s immune to travel restrictions
Last year, Mini concocted something called the Vision Urbanaut. Essentially a Mini van-cum-mood-room, it lived in the digital world only and slightly rattled our brains as we tried in vain to figure it out.So Mini has made one
Just build it already
This is the Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept, and the petition to turn it from render to reality starts here.What a fantastic-looking thing this is. Turns out the Juke suits knobbly tires, lightbars, and spotlights-although then again, what car
Where does Keaton’s take on the character rank on your list?
It appears Bruce Wayne, albeit a different iteration of him from an alternate universe, is sticking with Mercedes-Benz for DC's upcoming Flash solo film.Leaked images from the set of Andrés Muschietti's The Flash have surfaced, giving DC
The super-SUV concept actually looks pretty sick
Ferrari has yet to take a piece of the ludicrous super-SUV pie. While there have been talks going around about the Purosangue, the Italian carmaker's supposed upcoming SUV, we have yet to see anything official come out from Maranello.If
Sounds like candy, if we’re being honest
Sure, Geely could have settled on a smorgasbord of consonants and numerals in naming its latest concept, the Vision Starburst. But if you're unbound by the shackles of feasibility, you might as well take advantage of that freedom when it comes
If Kia were to rebadge the truck, do you think it would look like this?
The last time artist Kleber Silva (KDesign AG) did his work on the Hyundai Santa Cruz, he simply gave the compact pickup a new Hyundai N badge-complete with the sportier N accents. Now, he has reimagined the Santa Cruz yet again,
An artist has reimagined Ford’s new electric pickup as a full-on SUV
Ford has already released what is arguably its biggest EV launch of this year-the F-150 Lightning.Of course, artists have already had their go at the new electric pickup. We recently shared YouTuber TheSketchMonkey's F-150 Lightning single-cab
Once upon a time, SUV-coupes were a strange notion
This is the BMW X Coupe concept, which had the sheets whipped off it at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in 2001. It was a sporty crossover SUV-coupe thing years before anyone had even got to grips with
Inspired by the first-generation model
This latest car we've chosen to revive is the Toyota MR2, aka the 'Midship Runabout 2-seater.' It was the first mass-produced mid-engined Japanese sports car, and we decided to use the first-generation model as our inspiration. As
The Buran concept debuted at the Geneva show in 2000
This is the Maserati Buran concept car, which was revealed at the 2000 Geneva International Motor Show. The Geneva show was an event where lots of people would gather in one place to see new cars-before the Internet was invented and
American badge, Italian design
This is the 1983 Lincoln Quicksilver concept, which was shown at that year's Geneva International Motor Show. It wowed the crowds with its classic American muscle-car proportions, hairy-chested performance, and brutish styling. Wait. None of that. But you know,
These are the winning entries from Stellantis’ Drive for Design Contest
The FCA-Peugeot merger may already be complete, but it appears the annual Drive to Design contest continues under Stellantis.For this year's competition, the participating young artists were tasked to design an 'electrified Jeep vehicle of the future' within a
This EQT concept will likely have gasoline and diesel versions, too
Mercedes-Benz has revealed a new concept it is calling the EQT, which is shorthand for 'fully-electric small van.' You might also consider it shorthand for 'fully desirable electric family wheels'. Or something.Welcome, then, to the upcoming Mercedes-Benz T-
Electric-powered classics don’t get any groovier than this
There are many, many companies around the world that'll restore your arthritic Volkswagen bus and convert it from gasoline to electric power. Germany's eClassics is one such outfit.But here's the thing-eClassics actually has the support of the
We’re especially curious about the third one...
Elsewhere in the world, there's a massively impressive selection of electric vehicles already on sale today, and at some point in the near future, we will actually see 2,000hp electric hypercars such as the Lotus Evija, the Rimac C_Two, and
We like
When it comes to cars, Suzuki is mostly known for developing offerings that combine a compact form factor with practical sensibilities. Think vehicles like the Jimny, Swift, and a handful of cute little kei cars.Sure, every now and then the brand
How about that?
Your eyes do not deceive you. That Toyota above is, in fact, a Fortuner with the face of a Hilux. We're big on creative renders here at Top Gear PH-you might have seen our Land Cruiser FJ40 already-so it'
A proper-looking mini SUV
Is Honda cooking up a proper competitor to the Toyota Rush and Mitsubishi Xpander Cross? It definitely looks like it.The Japanese car manufacturer has just revealed a brand-new mini SUV concept in Indonesia, showing off seven seats, as well as
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