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And less costly to own, too
There's nothing quite like waking up to a noisy construction site in the wee hours of the morning. (And by wee hours we mean 10am.) If, however, vehicles like the Bobcat TX7 become the norm, you can say goodbye to this
Frankly, this looks ready for production
Technology and mobility-whether in cars, public transportation, or things on two wheels-essentially go hand-in-hand these days. This is why we come across more than a handful of concept vehicles at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las
It ticks all the bonkers concept-car boxes
What is Cadillac for?In the '50s, it was all about pink, chrome, and fins like space rockets. In the late '90s and early 2000s, Cadillacs seemed to become the murdered-out weapon of choice for all hip-hop music videos.For
“Hmm, what color car do I feel like driving today?”
The problem with choosing a color for your car is that you can only do it once. Got bored of the paint job? Tough: You either have to stick with it or take an expensive trip to the nearest workshop.Perhaps not
The car was just revealed at CES 2022
Cast your mind back to pre-Armageddon times (you know, when you could sneeze without panicking) and you might recall that Chrysler teased a crossover concept that it was working on. Ring a bell?Two years on, the American firm is a
Bridging virtual and actual reality
Depending on how much you've managed to wrap your head around the concept of the metaverse, this could be a lot to take in. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Hyundai presented its vision for future mobility, and it
It’s not just the Silverado that will have an EV version in 2023
Well, that escalated quickly. But perhaps, considering the rate of automotivedom's electrification, not quickly enough.Right after debuting the Silverado EV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Chevrolet also confirmed that electric versions of the Equinox and the Blazer will be
The new BMW iX M60 can hit 100kph in 3.8sec
We simply have to accept the fact that BMW M is going wilder and wilder as the years pass. After recently giving us a look at the Concept XM, BMW's performance arm is now back with another new creation: the iX
Will this make it to production one day?
Earlier this year, Sony grabbed the spotlight at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show by unveiling the Vision-S Prototype-the tech company's very own car. And boy, what a sight it was.As far as concepts go, the Vision-S had
Concept cars sure are becoming more interesting
After that weird Avatar-themed Mercedes, Toyota's city, and Sony's surprise car, welcome to the next weird thing to come out of this year's Consumer Electronics Show.The Honda Augmented Driving Concept is supposed to bridge the gap between
Developed for maximum stability and smoothness
Underneath this wide-arched Nissan Leaf lurks something interesting-Nissan's new twin-motor, four-wheel-drive electric drivetrain. Called 'e-4orce' (pronounced e-force), it'll likely appear first in the production version of the Ariya SUV.Developed for maximum stability
This is definitely not the next S-Class
In perhaps the unlikeliest partnership since Land Rover's design boss teamed up with a swimwear company to release a waterproof three-piece suit, Mercedes-Benz has jumped into bed with the folks behind 2009's Avatar and its many forthcoming sequels.
But does it run as fast as the brand’s bikes do?
Tech, as in gadgets, and the world of performance vehicles have more in common than is apparent at first glance. Both rely on expert design and engineering to bring the most out of a product, and speed is of utmost importance whether
This over Tokyo Disneyland?
It's hardly The Jetsons-esque, considering the lack of flying cars and high-speed human transportation tubes, but Toyota's 'city of the future' leaves us picking our jaws up from the floor nonetheless.Why, you ask? Not because the Japanese
It’s a new lightweight noise-insulating material
For quite a while now, Nissan has remained one of the leaders in the electric vehicle (EV) market-thanks in part to its best-selling model, the Leaf. As the Japanese carmaker enters a new decade, it aims to build on its
Unveiled at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show
And the award for the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show's (CES) biggest automotive reveal goes to...Sony. Wait, what?Yes, Sony. The Japanese electronics giant unveiled an actual car, dubbed the Vision-S Prototype, during its CES press conference on Januay 7,
This could be big
Hyundai has created some innovative mobility solution concepts in the past year. Now, the Korean carmaker kicks off 2020 on a similar note with the reveal of its latest electric vehicle concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.The latest
Claimed stats: 100hp, 0-60 in 3sec, 290km in-city range
This '60s-inspired electric motorcycle is hiding some properly groundbreaking tech, or so says its maker. Set to be revealed at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NAWA Technologies' Racer concept uses a hybrid battery, which mixes conventional lithium-ion
It would make sharing the road a lot easier
In a country like ours where everyone is in a rush to get ahead, it can be really difficult to share the road. Ducati, in partnership with Ford and Audi, is attempting to address that problem through technology.At the 2019 Consumer
Mercedes-Benz has made it own, called the Vision Urbanetic
We've said it before and we'll say it again: 2019 is the year of the electric, connected, autonomous pod thing. Mercedes plainly thinks so, too, which is why it's not just brought the new CLA to CES.Enter the
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