Lighter, better for efficiency, and easier on the planet
The auto industry's current obsession with going green isn't just limited to electric cars and hybrid powertrains. In case you weren't aware, companies are turning their attention to reducing the environmental impact of other components, too.Tires are one
Is this something you’d like in your car?
Remember back in the day when you would excitedly open your cereal box not to chow down, but to get to the freebie it came with? If yes, chances are you've at one point gotten hold of a cheap pair of
No more fretting about surprise flat tires
Earlier this year we brought you the news that Michelin and GM are teaming up to bring airless tires to market in 2024. Continental is heading in a different direction with its development, and the German company has come up with a
According to a tiremaker's study
Based on research conducted by tiremaker Continental, driver error remains the biggest cause of accidents. In the study, seven out of 10 Brits confessed that their poor driving contributes to road rage, and this often leads to mistakes behind the wheel.This
Producing electronic car components for automakers
Continental may primarily be known locally as a tire brand, but the company is actually celebrating its 40th year in the Philippines as a manufacturer of electronic vehicle components.Continental Philippines first started its operations in 1974 with the establishment of its
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