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“Precautions and protocols are better at limiting infection than blunt instruments like lockdowns”
Across a road cutting through a forested mountain, a dead tree's trunk has fallen, blocking traffic on both lanes of the highway. Without an alternate trail, motorists are stuck. But with cooperation and a bit of hard work, they're able
There are actually potential dangers to it
It's probably safe to say that before the pandemic, most of us have never used alcohol-the disinfecting kind-more than we have in the past year or so alone. It's one of the easiest, most common ways to keep
Do you often attend Zoom meetings on the go? This might be the car for you
Nissan is building a new pandemic-ready vehicle in Japan.But no, this isn't a mobile clinic or a quarantine-ready vehicle-this one's a 'mobile conference room' that you can actually host video conferences in. We call it pandemic-
This applies to travelers going across regions or provinces via public transport
As quarantine restrictions start to ease back up (again) in Greater Manila, more public transport has been made available to the public. This has resulted in more movement across cities, provinces, and regions.Naturally, with the ongoing pandemic, the heightened movement would
More than 100 people were inoculated on the first day of the rollout
Drive-through COVID-19 testing sites started popping up left and right at the start of the pandemic. And now that vaccines are finally being rolled out, some local government units have taken the same approach to distribute the shots to their
The kit will serve as a supplement for existing filtration systems
Ford has just unveiled its newest creation. And it's not even close to a dressed-up Ranger Raptor, an off-road-ready Explorer, or an all-electric F-150. Rather, it's a DIY air filtration kit that can be used
The guy bought a Lamborghini Aventador S and a Ferrari 458 Italia, among others
A man reportedly going on a shopping spree using Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans meant to help struggling businesses amid the pandemic? That sounds familiar, doesn't it?You may be recalling that report from July 2020 where a man from Florida
The remaining 28% say commuting today is the “same as before”
If you're part of commuter groups on social media platforms like Facebook, then you might be familiar with the constant struggle of catching public transportation throughout this pandemic. The sheer lack of options has simply made it harder for commuters over
Is your Lexus in dire need of thorough disinfection already?
Attention, Lexus owners: If your car is already in need of thorough disinfection, then read on, because Lexus Philippines has a nifty treat for its customers this month.Until May 15, 2021, Lexus Philippines is offering a 20% discount on its Lexus
Earlier departure for first trains, later departure for last trains
The LRT-2 resumed regular hours today, May 1, after weeks of truncated operations due to a high number of COVID-19 cases among personnel.The first trains now depart from both Santolan and Recto stations at 5am. The last train from
Toyota Kirloskar Motor’s Karnataka plants will also remain closed until May 14
The pandemic situation in India is arguably at its lowest point at the moment. COVID-19 cases continue to rise and hospitals continue to grow overwhelmed by the day, making it more and more difficult to address the oxygen shortage.And as
The country is currently battling the world’s biggest surge in COVID-19 cases
As you may have seen in the news, India is currently battling the world's biggest surge in COVID-19 cases-a week ago, it was logging over 300,000 new cases in a day. Hospitals are already overwhelmed, and there is
According to a Cabinet secretary
Essential workers, apart from medical frontliners, can get vaccinated for COVID-19 as early as May, a top Cabinet official said Monday as the Philippines awaits more vaccines.Cabinet secretary Karlo Nograles, who co-chairs the government's inter-agency task force
First and last trips depart from terminus stations at 6am and 6pm, respectively
Citing the rising number of COVID-19 cases among its frontline personnel, the Light Rail Transit Authority has announced that LRT-2 operating hours will be shortened from April 17 to 30.The first trains of the day will depart from the
More are on the way
For some, the fear of passing COVID-19 on to a family member is just as big as that of catching the virus itself. We've all heard stories of entire households becoming infected, and the anxiety of bringing the coronavirus into
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