Articles about Covid 19 General Health

“Precautions and protocols are better at limiting infection than blunt instruments like lockdowns”
There are actually potential dangers to it
It's probably safe to say that before the pandemic, most of us have never used alcohol-the disinfecting kind-more than we have in the past year or so alone. It's one of the easiest, most common ways to keep
“A good rule of thumb: Assume anyone riding with you to be infectious”
There are universal standard precautions for personally protecting yourself from contagious diseases depending on the mode of transmission. For most infectious diseases, direct contact is a common way of getting it. This means staying in an enclosed space, like inside a car,
Not all face masks fit your riding style
No work, no pay; no ID, no entry; no cash, no purchase; no plate, no travel. These are just some of the policies that we've learned to embrace simply because we encounter them every day, everywhere. Under the 'new normal,' there'
The risks are minimal
Like most of us mobile men, you've accepted that your car getting the longest rest it has had since you bought it-notwithstanding long vacations. A month, no, a lifetime ago, at the slightest craving we'd grab our car keys
Also for kids at heart
From March 17, 10am California time, the Petersen Automotive Museum will be holding twice-daily lectures and activities for students looking for additional learning as a result of school closures.We're not students, but even we're interested, because Thursday's
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