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Not all face masks fit your riding style
No work, no pay; no ID, no entry; no cash, no purchase; no plate, no travel. These are just some of the policies that we've learned to embrace simply because we encounter them every day, everywhere. Under the 'new normal,' there'
Sharing helmets will not be allowed anymore, for instance
Most health experts agree that the novel coronavirus will not completely disappear in the near future. We've already suffered a lot from its damning effects, and we should not stop applying preventive steps if we are really hell-bent on eliminating
The risks are minimal
Like most of us mobile men, you've accepted that your car getting the longest rest it has had since you bought it-notwithstanding long vacations. A month, no, a lifetime ago, at the slightest craving we'd grab our car keys
Better safe than sorry
So, how are you guys doing stuck at home? If you're lucky enough to be at home, at least. Hopefully, you're doing well and good, and staying put for the duration of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine. Better safe
Should we do this here in the Philippines?
If you've been keeping tabs on international news throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, you'll know health officials are always stressing two things. To fight the coronavirus, governments need to: a) implement social-distancing measures; and, b) get
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