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It’s the size of a Mini Countryman and claims up to 440km of range
Smart has finally unveiled the first car of its new era, and-surprise surprise-it's an all-electric crossover. It's even called the #1. Has a rulebook ever been so closely followed? It's also been reading the carmakers' thesaurus
“The presence of a manual gearbox can make it enjoyable to drive”
This is the Toyota Aygo X, and it's here to prove that city cars do still exist-they just look a little bit different these days. Oh, and that X is actually pronounced "cross," despite not being written out in full
Remember this?
Remember the Mitsubishi ASX? The vehicle helped usher in the age of the crossover in the early 2010s thanks to its practical-yet-compact size and relatively stylish exterior. A refresh was launched several years ago, but the model has been somewhat
Check out the official specs of the crossover
Earlier this month, we managed to get the official prices of the all-new NX ahead of the crossover's Philippine launch. At the time, though, no official specs for the vehicle were available.Now, the next-generation NX has finally been
In Europe, at least
Is the local Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid a cleaner alternative to its gasoline-powered competitors? Sure. But with a humble 120hp on tap, it isn't exactly blowing many other crossovers away when it comes to numbers.Over in Europe, this isn'
Small cars are a Honda forte, so this is looking promising
We know there are still people out there (us included) who are excited about the all-new Civic's local arrival later this month, but let's be honest: Sedans have been increasingly displaced by crossovers-especially pint-sized entry-level crossovers-
Nissan and Autech have just turned the Note into a legit crossover
Nearly a year after introducing the all-new Note that exclusively comes with an e-Power setup, Nissan has now unveiled the model in crossover form.This is basically still the same Note with the same electric 4WD system, only it rides
The CX-50, CX-60, CX-70, CX-80, and CX-90
Mazda has big plans for its lineup starting next year. The Japanese carmaker is expanding its SUV offerings with five new models: the CX-50, CX-60, CX-70, CX-80, and CX-90.The CX-50 is a crossover that will
The Yaris-based crossover will be keeping the concept’s chunky aesthetic
A few months ago, Toyota showed us the Aygo X Prologue concept, pictured here. "The aim of this project was to reimagine the A-segment," said its design chief at the time, suggesting that this would be an all-new kind of
What model will come next?
If there's anything that's been made apparent by Toyota's ASEAN lineup over the past several months, it's that the Japanese carmaker isn't shy about using its Gazoo Racing branding on its more consumer-oriented offerings.The Fortuner,
Those who reserve a unit by September 30 will get a P50,000 discount
As promised, Motor Image Pilipinas has launched the all-new Subaru Outback in the Philippines. We've already seen actual photos of the car, so let's not talk about its styling. Let's instead discuss the specs, because now we have
This is yet another addition to VW’s constantly growing portfolio of crossovers
Welcome, world, to the new Volkswagen Taigo. Although if you happen to live in South America, you're probably a little bit confused right now.Yes, this does look like your market's VW Nivus, but that's because essentially it is
This or the current one?
Subaru is a brand that has always prided itself on versatility, and, as such, this is reflected in the designs of its offerings. One fine example of this? The Subaru Forester.Over the years, the crossover has become more refined thanks to
An P80,000 introductory discount will be available at launch
There's a new Subie in town, folks. And no, we're not talking about the Evoltis. We're talking about the refreshed XV that has just arrived at local Subaru dealerships.The updated compact crossover is now on display in Motor
See the full results inside
To say that 2020 was a rough year for the local industry is kind of putting it lightly. Remember: Deadly airborne viruses bringing entire economies to a halt tend to throw a wrench into the works when it comes to selling things-
And another one
Apparently Volkswagen thinks the world needs yet another crossover. So it's pinching the Nivus from South America, where it was developed and is already available, and has announced plans to stick it on sale in Europe towards the end of this
Along with improved approach, breakover, and departure angles
Meet the "most rugged and capable Outback in history," the new Subaru Outback Wilderness. After a series of teasers, Subaru has finally pulled the wraps off this new model set to hit the American market.Let's get the 'standard' stuff out
It wasn’t just about creating a stylish crossover
The design of the Honda HR-V has drastically evolved over the decades. The first-gen model had this boxy, awkward look to it, while the second-gen model-the one we currently have in our market-has this sporty, modern styling.
Half car, half crossover
The tiny wee city car has seemed like an endangered species lately. Titchy cars equal titchy profit margins, especially when you're trying to stuff batteries into them to make an urban EV. Well, here's Toyota telling us not to worry:
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