When will it arrive here?
In the current range of Toyota's subcompact seven-seater lineup, the Toyota Rush is the oldest model in the group. The Avanza received a comprehensive redesign in late 2021, while the Veloz has moved upmarket. That leaves the Rush as the
The Daihatsu version will be first
Among Toyota's three-row people carrier offerings, the Rush is the senior citizen of the group. The Avanza and Veloz were given a comprehensive redesign, while the all-new Innova is a total reboot. So, where does that leave the Rush?
A certification authority will still have to verify
Toyota's affiliate, Daihatsu has had it rough the past few months. The rigged test results from the all-new Vios and Wigo cast a dark cloud over the DNGA-based (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) vehicles. If that wasn't enough, the
The DNGA platform is giving Toyota headaches
A few weeks ago, Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu reported that some cars received modifications in an effort to boost crash test safety ratings. It came to light after a whistleblower from the company reported the practice. The affected models all rode on the
What happens next?
Over the weekend, Toyota affiliate Daihatsu admitted wrongdoing in 'rigging' vehicles to gain higher crash test safety ratings. The practice came into light after a whistleblower blew the lid off the matter. What followed was an internal investigation that confirmed the whistleblower'
Nearly 10.5 million served in 2022
Toyota has been duking it out with Volkswagen for the past couple of years in the global auto sales race. But since 2019, it's Toyota that has been leading that race with Volkswagen behind by either a few hundred thousands or
It's a strong possibility
You've already seen what the new-generation Vios looks like. Launched about two months ago, it premiered in Thailand as the Yaris Ativ with a 1.2-liter engine. A few weeks after that, the Laos market got their hands on
You’ve got to admit, that ‘Fun Cross’ variant does look like fun
Daihatsu easily has one of the quirkiest lineups in Japan, from funky models like the Copen to small yet utilitarian ones such as the Taft. If we were to list down the Daihatsus we'd like to see in our market, then
The used car market abroad looks quite fun
Cars, in our experience, Are only ever a few months (or indeed miles) from needing some great stack of money spent on them. With, of course, a few exceptions: electric cars don't seem to need much on a month-to-month
It was just previewed at the 2022 Indonesia International Auto Show
A few months ago, we floated the idea of the Toyota Raize Hybrid-Daihatsu Rocky e-Smart Hybrid-making its way to our market. It really seemed like a long shot then, seeing as the vehicle was only available in Japan where
What you’re looking at is Indonesia’s Daihatsu Ayla EV concept
The Wigo is easily one of Toyota's most fuel-efficient models. But considering how steep pump prices are these days, we're sure people wouldn't mind if the affordable little hatchback were made even more frugal.How so? Perhaps taking
Does an electric Lite Ace or Carry sound good to you?
Vehicles like the Suzuki Carry and the newly-launched Toyota Lite Ace are the backbone of countless businesses in the local market. Well, at least for now.If the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA) begins to gain traction, we could see
We also have the tentative prices and specs of Hyundai PH’s new lineup
BBS wheels!
We don't get too many roadsters here in our market. The most attainable one is the Mazda MX-5, and after that, you're looking at models well outside the average Joe's price range.One roadster we wish we had
Fancy a new toy?
Let it never be said that we only feature multi-million-dollar supercars made from unobtanium on these pages.Anyway, if that sort of thing doesn't float your boat, how about a 1985 Daihatsu Charade Turbo race car with a side-
Is this viable?
When it comes to overlanding, size matters. This isn't just because you want to have a good amount of space if you're living off the grid, but also because you need a vehicle capable of tackling settings most other cars
This compact MPV looks ready to take on our market
We already have a wide range of affordable people-haulers available in our market. That said, we'd be eager to see new ones arrive here, especially if they'll also come in practical, budget-friendly packages.The Daihatsu Xenia is one
This only covers the first two to 13 months of ownership, though
For some people, the first few months with a brand-new ride can make or break the car ownership experience. You paid good money for that shiny new auto sitting in your garage, and the last thing you want is for kinks
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