A method worth trying
When you're behind the wheel, being surprised by a sudden swerving motorcycle, bicycle or kariton is uncomfortable at best and panic-inducing at worst. Those blind spots in your side mirrors are a huge pain in the you-know-what, but
One method claims it can
Blind spots in your side mirrors suck while you're driving. They're even worse when you drive in the Philippines and you get blindsided by motorcycles, bicycles, manongs with a kariton, and so on. For many people, blind spots are an
It will occupy just one cupholder
Do you drive solo? Do you listen to podcasts or audio books to fight boredom on the road? Do you find yourself mindlessly tinkering with your mobile phone in slow-moving traffic just because you have nothing better to do? Even worse,
For the Ken Block in you
Selectable drive settings that change how a car behaves are nothing new. Usually, the settings range from Comfort for relaxed cruising, to Sport which essentially sharpens the car's performance. For the Ford Focus RS, which made its public debut at the
How do they work?
In April, Jaguar Land Rover revealed that it was developing a technology that makes the hood virtually invisible via a camera in the grille that projects the image it captures onto a head-up display to create a 'see-through' view through
Could make road kills a thing of the past
Seemingly invisible hoods could soon become a reality now that Land Rover has revealed that it is developing a pioneering technology that could make the front of the car virtually invisible.Utilizing cameras located in the vehicle's grille area, an image
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