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*In select regions only
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is making more adjustments as we transition to 2022. According to its latest announcement, the agency will be extending the validity of motor-vehicle registrations, driver's and conductor's licenses, student permits, and medical certificates that
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Philippine transportation became more complicated in 2021. One thing that remained the same all throughout the lockdowns, though? The presence of some head-scratching situations in local motoring.Sure, there was progress. The Skyway Stage 3
When do you think tech like this will reach us?
Our motoring future is a digital one. We aren't just referring to autonomous vehicles or advanced in-car connectivity features, either. Even our driver's licenses will one day ditch plastic and ink in favor of a touchscreen display.Starting 2022,
Think this will work?
According to the Land Transportation Office (LTO), it isn't just uneducated motorists who stand to gain from its implementation of the Comprehensive Driver's Education (CDE) program. Supposedly, those of you who have trouble keeping a cool head behind the wheel
The LTO is now rolling out the new license system across the country
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) started rolling out its 10-year driver's licenses in select branches last month. Now, the agency has begun implementing the provision of Republic Act No. 10930 in more regions across Luzon.Specifically, the licenses with extended
Will this help rid our streets of reckless drivers?
So here's another reason to stick to the rules while you're behind the wheel: If you accumulate enough violations under the Land Transportation Office's (LTO) new demerit system, the agency will require you to undergo a psych evaluation.Long
Be prepared if you qualify for one
So, you've steered clear of traffic violations and managed to qualify for a 10-year driver's license extension from the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Congratulations are in order, but there are a couple of new guidelines you'll need to
The policy has begun at select renewal centers
The availability of 10-year driver's licenses for law-abiding motorists is nice and all, but it doesn't mean you can just walk in and out of a Land Transportation Office (LTO) renewal center to obtain one.All driver's
Will you qualify?
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has an early Christmas gift for motorists who've been on the agency's 'nice list' this year.Starting October 28, the agency's Central Office-Licensing Section and Quezon City Licensing Center (QCLC) will begin implementing
The validity of select permits and licenses have also been extended
To our readers whose car's plates end in 8 or 9, take note: The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has now officially extended the registration validity of your vehicles.If your car's plate ends in 8, you have until the end
“Yung iba, hindi na nakaririnig, naobserbahan ko”
In his final State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Rodrigo Duterte enumerated the transport- and motoring-related programs for the country's road users.Among the accomplishments mentioned by the Chief Executive are the new bridges, roads, flyovers, and other pieces
*shrug emoji*
President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his final State of the Nation Address earlier today. During his speech, he discussed the transport and infrastructure projects that the administration has taken to improve commuting and travel within Metro Manila.Here's a summary:"We have
Apparently, it isn’t that hard
In this day and age, opting for a fake Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver's license instead of a legitimate one really isn't an option that should appeal to anyone. The process of applying for a license isn't as inconvenient
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