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Meet the Scrambler 1100 Tribute Pro and the Scrambler Urban Motard
Clue: It’s a 399cc bike
If you're a regular social media lurker, you may have seen a new photo of Nadine Lustre making the rounds on cyberspace. No, we're not talking about that image of her buying sauce from a local store in Siargao. We'
An adventure tourer that’s accessible enough for everyday use
Looking forward to the holiday season? Aside from the usual festivities, Ducati has scheduled the release of the all-new DesertX in December. To help tide us over until then, the Italian manufacturer has launched the Ducati World Premiere 2022 video series,
Good things come to those who wait
A year ago, Access Plus Philippines announced the arrival of the Ducati pedal-assisted electric bicycles within the next few months. Three models were initially supposed to land: the top-of-the-line mountain bikes MIG-RR and MIG-S, and the
It looks pretty darn handsome
If there's one thing we hate about concept motorbikes, it's waiting for it to be brought to life.On the heels of DAB Motors unveiling the Concept-E, Italdesign comes out with its own electric motorcycle concept that is based
Black and yellow is a pretty stylish combo
Following the release of the Lamborghini-inspired Diavel 1260 S, Ducati has concocted yet another stunning variant of its muscle cruiser, this time called the Black and Steel edition. This variant is inspired by the Diavel Materico concept, which was first presented
The range is now Euro 5-compliant, too
Ducati has announced a new livery for the Hypermotard 950 SP, while updates have also been made to the Supermoto family to make each bike Euro 5-compliant."A new color scheme that evokes the racing world with its colors and that
Four different kits are available
One of Ducati's most iconic models, the Monster, has received extensive updates for 2021. Previously, there were several models in the Monster lineup, including the 797, 821, and 1200. Now, the whole range has been streamlined into just two variants: the
Sales were strong last year despite the pandemic
Have you been wondering how big-bike brands are performing locally during the pandemic?Well, in Ducati Philippines' case, it's moving more stock than it anticipated. The Ducati bosses in Italy are apparently satisfied with the performance of local distributor TA
It’s limited to just 500 units and has an asking price of P8 million
Ducati Philippines has announced that the 2021 Superleggera V4 is now in the country. The Italian brand's street-legal super sportbike boasts an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio, and is limited to just 500 units worldwide. Each one has a designated
It’s like a wearable airbag
No pricing details have been made known, but considering Ducati's regular jackets easily reach upwards of several hundred euros, we don't expect the company's new smart jacket to come cheap. Still, if you can afford to splurge in exchange
This caps off the motorcycle manufacturer’s World Premiere series
This year's Ducati World Premiere event wraps up in style with the launch of the new Monster.Prior the muscle bike, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer had already unveiled other models from its 2021 range via the web series, namely the Multistrada
A green-and-gold tribute to the Italian carmaker’s hypercar
In July 2012, Lamborghini acquired Ducati. You might be forgiven for wondering quite what the tie-up was for, beyond propping up a few Panigales near the Huracans at each major motor show. Something that we'd have been fine with, to
He hit the road with motorcycle club Cruiserheads
When he's not blowing people's minds with trivia or reporting the weather, 'Kuya Kim' Atienza takes out his prized motorbikes and documents his rides for his vlog.Atienza, who's admittedly new to vlogging, already has more than 80,000
The Italian brand has also just launched the SuperSport 950 and the TK-01RR
Ducati has just launched a number of new motorbikes. Which doesn't sound especially unusual, only one of them is actually a bicycle. Just one with electrical assistance.First up, though, the superbikes. In black, we have the Panigale V4SP, a 214hp, £
It’s the world’s first motorcycle with radar-guided adaptive cruise control
Ducati 2021 World Premiere started off with a bang as the bike manufacturer pulled back the virtual curtain on the new Multistrada V4. The Italian heavyweight's annual motorcycle show, which opted for an online staging this year due to the COVID-
The superbike will have adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection
Ducati has begun production of the Multistrada V4 in its Borgo Panigale factory, and with it, the Italian manufacturer marks a significant step forward for motorcycle technology and safety. The fourth-generation Multistrada will debut equipped with front and rear radars-a
The most expensive model costs over half a million pesos
Ducati Philippines has started accepting reservations for three of its electric mountain bikes-the MIG-RR and MIG-S enduro models, and the e-Scrambler retro-urban, all of which are expected to arrive in the country soon.Created via a joint
Does the brand see an opportunity here?
We're not entirely sure what's gotten into Ducati lately, but the motorcycle manufacturer has suddenly developed a keen interest in alternative mobility.Back in May, the Italian motorbike brand released two electric kick scooters in the form of the Cross-
The Italian superbike manufacturer calls this thing the e-Scrambler
It's clear that Ducati wants in on all that alternative mobility hype. Back in May, the Italian superbike manufacturer revealed two new electric kick scooters in the Pro II and the Scrambler Cross-E, visualized by the Ducati Design Center itself.
Would you take this over the red finish?
Ducati has just revealed new white livery for the Panigale V2, and we'd be lying if we said the popular red finish still looked better.This new design is the White Rosso, and it features a color that the Italian motorcycle
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