We can see this thing being a hit here
Here's a new alternative mobility option that we're certain your fur buddies are going to love. In Japan, e-bikes are now being built with compact underseat compartments designed specifically for small pets.This particular model is the Pony "Dog
It comes with a hefty price tag, though
Driving a car up a twisty road is nice and all, but there's an entirely different kind of adrenaline to tackling certain environments on two wheels instead of four.If this is a mindset you live by and prefer to have
*That’s just converted to local currency, but in any case we still want one
Muji-a Japanese brand known to sell all sorts of desirable products-is now entering the mobility sector. For its first mobility offering, it has teamed up with fellow Japanese marque Honda to build an electric bike called the MS01.The MS01,
It’s located at the agency’s HQ
E-bike and electric kick scooter users have a new place to juice up in case they run out of battery: The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) headquarters.That's right, the MMDA's new 20-story HQ in Barangay Ugong, Pasig
This is called the Serial 1 MOSH/TRIBUTE
When Harley-Davidson first revealed its set of e-bikes under its new Serial 1 sub-brand, we thought the motorcycle manufacturer was dropping the vintage look of its electrified bicycles altogether. That doesn't seem to be the case, though.Harley
These bikes are all about adaptability
So, are these bicycles? Are they motorbikes? Well, they're actually a little bit of both with an electric powertrain thrown in.First, let's start with the chunkier one. It's called the BMW Motorrad Vision Amby, and it's essentially
In case you’re tired of pedaling all the time
Alternative forms of mobility have really taken off over the past year. While a lot of the attention has been focused on electric kick scooters due to their compact form factor and relative affordability, e-bikes might be the way to go
The brand is now also offering free e-bikes
One reason some families stick with a single car brand? It's simply easier to upgrade within a product ecosystem you're satisfied with than it is to try out something new. Why mix things up when you're already familiar with
The perfect pedal-powered companion
Porsche wasn't done when it revealed the Taycan Cross Turismo late last month, as the German carmaker had a couple new sets of wheels built to match its just-unveiled all-electric wagon up its sleeve, too. These, though, are of
The Italian brand has also just launched the SuperSport 950 and the TK-01RR
Ducati has just launched a number of new motorbikes. Which doesn't sound especially unusual, only one of them is actually a bicycle. Just one with electrical assistance.First up, though, the superbikes. In black, we have the Panigale V4SP, a 214hp, £
And sadly, the motorcycle manufacturer has done away with the retro styling
Harley-Davidson recently revealed its plans to jump on the e-bike bandwagon with the launch of its new sub-brand, Serial 1 Cycle Company. Said sub-brand has now released the specifications and pricing of its model lineup, and as expected,
It’ll soon launch e-bikes under its new sub-brand, the Serial 1 Cycle Company
If you're wondering which big-ticket manufacturer will be jumping onto the e-bike bandwagon next, then look no further-Harley-Davidson has just revealed its venture into the realm of electric bicycles.But the renowned motorcycle marque won't just
This is the HyperScrambler 2 from Juiced Bikes
We've lost count of all the stylish electric bicycles that we've come across since this whole COVID-19 situation started. Frankly, though, we don't mind.As a matter of fact, we've come across yet another electric bicycle that'
Meet the Canyon Future Mobility Concept, an e-bike and pedal car rolled into one
If you're looking forward to more emission-free transport options in the near future, then here's some good news: the next generation of pedal-powered cars is actually in the works, and the photo above shows one of the latest
Would you buy this?
Transporting a pet can sometimes be a hassle when you don't own a car. Sure, they're technically allowed on public transportation-but you don't really want to be carrying around a dog when you're commuting, do you? You
Ready for your next trail run
You might be wondering why we hear more and more motorcycle brands expanding their business to the world of pedal-assisted electric bicycles. The answer is simple: E-bikes are the future of mobility. Their benefits to the environment, our health, and
Does the brand see an opportunity here?
We're not entirely sure what's gotten into Ducati lately, but the motorcycle manufacturer has suddenly developed a keen interest in alternative mobility.Back in May, the Italian motorbike brand released two electric kick scooters in the form of the Cross-
You can probably call it a gadget with all the features it has
Bicycles, much like cars, continue to get even smarter over the years. What used to be purely mechanical two-wheelers are now turning into highly technical pieces of engineering that could probably be considered more as 'gadgets' than they are mere modes
This thing’s quite a looker
I like e-bikes, I really do. They're a neat way to go about getting around in an environmentally-sound fashion, and they run on considerably less physical effort compared to their purely pedal-powered counterparts.E-bikes are such an
This could be a perfect fit in an ideal bike-friendly world
There's a constant search for the best alternatives to traditional transport, especially here in Metro Manila. Considering the state of our mass transport system and the unsolvable problem that is traffic in the city, commuters are always looking for other possible
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