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Let Jack Rix walk you through the retro EV
It's true that a good chunk of the jaw-dropping concept vehicles we see online don't really make it into production. Sometimes they do, though, and it's definitely a treat.A good example is the Alpha Wolf, an eye-
Set to be available by the end of 2023
Remember Alpha Motor Corporation's beautiful retro truck concept from several months back? Well, the company has now revealed the Wolf in its final production form.It looks basically the same as what we've seen previously. It's as boxy as
Do you think Ford should consider building something like this, too?
Did Ford hit the mark with the new F-150 Lightning's design? We wouldn't say anything definitively, because it still depends on one's preference. But at the very least, Ford's electric pickup doesn't look as polarizing as
Production during the truck’s first year on sale, however, will be limited
America's best-selling truck has gone electric. In case you missed it, Ford has officially unveiled the fully-electric F-150 Lightning. Yes, the truck that POTUS himself, Joe Biden, recently took out for a spin.It's impressive, all right,
Watch the all-electric supertruck in action
Moab, Utah. Home of the legendary trails that have served as the ultimate proving grounds for a huge number of off-road vehicles. Where else to prove your 4x4's prowess than here, right?That's exactly what GMC is currently doing-
Meet the new—and still all-electric—Wolf Plus
Remember the Alpha Wolf? Assuming you don't, it's the retro all-electric truck from Alpha Motor Corporation. It looks like the company's streak of revealing something new every month continues, and now, it's rolled out a bigger and
Do you think this can give Tesla a run for its money?
Promising EV startup Canoo is making headlines again. The last time we featured it, the brand was showing off its promising MPDV (multi-purpose delivery vehicle). Now, it has revealed its new electric pickup, and boy, is it something else.It looks
It boasts about 400km of range and can do 0-100kph in just over 6sec
Man, the guys designing cars at Alpha Motor Corporation are doing one hell of a job. From the Ace in January to the JAX in February, now we have this: the Wolf.The carmaker's newest creation is a two-seater retro-
That’s something we can look forward to
We're starting to think electric pickups will soon become all the rage. Tesla, Rivian, Lordstown, Ford, General Motors-the list of carmakers jumping on the electric-pickup bandwagon just keeps growing. The latest addition? Ram Trucks.According to a report by
The station-wagon version looks like a promising people-hauler, too
The all-new Hummer EV was launched just recently, and people are already out modding the new super-truck. Well, in renders, that is.The latest ones we've found come courtesy of none other than X-Tomi Design, the same artist
It’s got four-wheel steering, underbody cameras, and adjustable air suspension
Behold: the all-new, all-electric Hummer.The electric truck debuts with futuristic styling, eye-catching performance, and heaps of tech. First things first, though, let's talk about its design. The Hummer EV is a burly machine with a front fascia
Specifically, the Unreal Engine used in some of the most popular games of today
We're less than two weeks away from the official global debut of the all-new Hummer. We reckon a lot of you out there are definitely as stoked as we are, especially since GMC has put out multiple teasers of the
And apparently, it’ll be able to walk like a crab
We finally have a specific launch date for the upcoming all-electric GMC Hummer: October 20, 2020. Book it, ladies and gentlemen.However, as with all the teasers that GMC has released so far, not a lot of details came along with
It’s petrol-powered, so you can’t really call it a replica
This thing looks like a Tesla Cybertruck, doesn't it? Well, surprisingly, it isn't. It's actually a Ford F-150 Raptor converted into a Cybertruck, and you can't exactly call it a replica because it packs a petrol engine
No exact date has been given yet, but we’re stoked anyway
It's been almost a year since we first heard about the possibility of an electric Hummer, and we've seen a number of previews, trailers, and sneak peeks since then. But now, after months of anticipation, we've finally received confirmation
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