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We try out the Tesla Model 3’s rival and Polestar’s first EV
You ought to be familiar with Polestar by now-the race team that went on to tune Volvo's road cars, was bought by the company in 2015 and eventually transformed into a standalone electric performance-car brand. Its first car, the
Do you agree?
Ever heard of FIVA? That's the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens, or international federation of historic vehicles, and it has just launched a blistering attack on the growing scene of converting classic cars to run on electricity.That'
Fancy a flat-out, silent run around the Green Hell?
How does one prove that one's car is sporty? Why, take it to the Nürburgring, of course. A handful of laps clearly wasn't enough for Jaguar, though, because it has now decided that the I-Pace should become a
In form, if not in power or function
Until now, your options for three-seat vehicles with a centrally mounted driving position were catered for mainly by supercars and hypercars. Unobtanium like McLaren's F1 and Speedtail...heck, even Gordon Murray's upcoming T.50 supercar.Joining that esteemed list
Is this the future of motoring?
Small autonomous, battery-powered daily drivers-is this the future of urban mobility? Toyota seems to think so, and is even showcasing a handful of production-ready ultra-compact battery-electric vehicles (BEV) at this year's Tokyo Motor Show ahead of
With 408hp from a two-motor setup, and range of over 402km
This, ladies and dentlemen, is a bit of a milestone moment for Volvo. Not only is the new XC40 Recharge the company's first ever fully-electric car, but it also signifies the start of a serious EV offensive.Volvo has ambitions
And is priced considerably lower than the ‘Turbo’ variants
Hurrah! It's a Porsche Taycan with a much more affordable price tag. Savage depreciation already? Nope: Meet the Taycan 4S and yup, it's not wearing any Turbo misnomers like its pricier stablemates.It still has twin motors, one on each
The Kinetic 07 is a 644hp electric roadster based on the Caterham Seven
Taking a classic British sports car and electrifying it was what launched Tesla into the world of EVs. So, perhaps Bulgarian carmaker Kinetik Automotive is onto something with its new 07.It's based on a Caterham Seven, rather than a Lotus
The Californian company is optimistic about its three-wheeled EV
An electric car with 1,000 miles (1,609km) of range per cycle and that you never need to plug in to recharge. How does that sound?Impossible? Yeah that was our first thought too, but Californian startup Aptera Motors is adamant
Too bad
Dyson, the British firm famous for bagless vacuum cleaners, posh hairdryers and the really powerful hand blowers in pub toilets, has canceled its ambitious project to build a battery-powered family car. Its billionaire founder, James Dyson (seated right in the photo
Wheeltek wants 5 units of this revolutionary e-bike
Mind-blowing! This is how Bobby Orbe, Wheeltek general manager for the big bikes division, felt when he got to try the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, the first electric motorcycle ever made by this iconic American brand."It's a very exciting product,
This has us even more excited for Tokyo this year
For decades, Nissan has consistently developed electric city commuter concepts. As we near this year's Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), the Japanese carmaker is celebrating almost 50 years of innovation with these two quirky wallpapers-a mobile and desktop version, of course.
14 cars will be showcased in total
We finally have an idea what Nissan has up its sleeve for this year's Tokyo Motor Show (TMS). For 2019, the Japanese car manufacturer will be showcasing everything from futuristic new concepts to glorified performance beasts.If you're interested in
This is the future of performance cars
This is Porsche's first all-electric car, previewed by the Mission E concept way back in 2015. A car we're expecting to re-write the rule book on what an EV is capable of. A torch-bearer for the future
We like the idea of binge-riding
California is becoming a petri dish for EV startups. Off the back of the rise of Tesla, we've got companies like Rivian sprouting up all over the shop-plus the people tuning all the electric cars. But there's also Canoo,
And it has a very poignant story attached to it
Meet the fasted naked electric motorbike in the world. This is the bike Nottingham University has developed for the Isle of Man TT's Zero race, but as a tribute to its fallen rider, it's been tweaked for straight-line speed
We’re definitely stoked
There's roughly a month left to go before the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show opens its doors to the public. There's already a lot to look forward to, but the anticipation just grew bigger because we've received word that Mazda
Because the EV’s 700 horses isn’t enough
Having supercharged and boosted everything from pickup trucks to Corvettes (to cupholders, no doubt), Hennessey Performance is now planning on entering the shiny new world of electric cars.Yes, folks, the Texan tuner is going to modify its first-ever fast EV-
“It keeps some of the Mustang’s spirit alive instead of smothering it in technology”
We all love the idea of a classic in the garage-long Sundays spent tinkering away, romantic blasts through the countryside, admiring looks and stimulating chats with inquisitive car lovers as you go. What. A. Hero.The reality, unfortunately, is oil puddles,
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