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A recent presentation previews an all-electric Jimny along with four other EVs
The roster looks quite varied
Have a little look at the seven silhouettes up above. They apparently represent the future of Peugeot, and the good news is that at least three of them look like they won't be a variation on the SUV/crossover theme. Hurrah!
Unlike its fellow Germans
Audi plans to stick with the e-tron badge it uses to mark out its electric vehicles from the rest of its lineup, in direct contrast to rivals like Mercedes.Earlier this month, reports suggested that Mercedes intends to drop the EQ
The Japanese brand is trying to catch up to its competitors
Honda is going all-out in its electrification efforts. According to a report by Reuters, the Japanese carmaker is forming a new department dedicated to EV development. This initiative is in line with the brand's electrification goals, which include rolling out
More practicality and speed still to come from Volkswagen's new electric van
We love the Volkswagen ID Buzz, but we always knew there was more to come. Now we know what. More versatility and more power.This summer, a longer version will arrive. It should be a whole lot more versatile and useful than
The XC40 and C40 EVs now get new rear-wheel-mounted electric motors
The last rear-wheel-drive car to wear a Volvo badge from the factory was called the S90, and that was 25 years ago. It's now 2023, and Volvo is bringing sideways back. Sort of. And because it's 2023, it'
They’re electric and hydrogen-powered concepts from the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon
Pretty much every single car manufacturer out there is now going big on carbon neutrality. They may have different approaches to achieve it, but the end results are all the same-cutting carbon emissions across the board.Toyota, for one, hasn't
It's no RX-7, that's for sure
Mazda is officially bringing the rotary engine back with this new MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV. Not exactly the catchiest name, we think you'll agree. Oh, and you can stop dreaming of RX-7s and the glorious 787B right away,
Wait, what?
The Jeep Avenger has been announced as Europe's Car of the Year for 2023.A panel of 59 motoring journalists from 23 different countries across the continent voted for their favourite new cars of the past 12 months, with the shortlist
The future looks bright
In the early days of electric vehicle adoption, most of the segment's offerings were sedans or hatchbacks. Things have changed over the past couple of years, though, and now the SUV's stake in the EV scene is steadily increasing.Tata
Does this look like a Suzuki SUV to you?
Are you a fan of the Suzuki Jimny (which, by the way, now has a five-door version)? Well, enjoy it while it lasts-because the brand's future SUVs might look significantly different.This is the all-electric Suzuki eVX Concept.
Porsche is hard at work right now
The next Porsche Macan is getting some serious power. In a statement about its pathway to electromobility, the sports car brand said that the new Macan, which will be all-electric and ready to start testing, will be capable of producing up
Is that a hint of E36 we see there at the back?
BMW has resurrected an old name for its new electric car. And this isn't it. This isn't BMW's new, erm, 'Neue Klasse' - a reference describing its game-changing sedans from the Sixties that morphed into what we now know
Full reveal coming soon
Volkswagen will rock up to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week with a bit of a surprise: the first public appearance of the upcoming ID.7 saloon.And just look at that paintjob. VW has dressed up its
Myth or truth?
MYTH: "EVs are really hard to recycle at the end of their lifetime"It's true that an electric car is harder to recycle than one with an engine. Traditional scrap metal recycling is easy, and combustion cars have big steel bodies
Can you guess the others?
With 2023 just around the corner, there is a lot for everyone to look forward to in the next 12 months. In the automotive world, this means awaiting the launch of refreshed, all-new, and first-ever editions of cars. With that
Heavy EV batteries have put on the pounds on cars
Weight. It's spiralling upwards. Now, does anyone actually care? The answer, unfortunately, appears to be no. At the recent unveil of the EX90 Volvo spoke openly about it weighing nearly three tonnes. I stuck a Range Rover Sport P400e plug-in
A big win for the South Korean brand
Hey, if it's good enough for the Japanese, it's good enough for us.The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has just won the 2022 Japan Import Car of the Year award, getting us even more hyped up for the electric vehicle's
The EV Owners of the Philippines holds its first-ever meet
With lower taxes provided by the EV Law, as well as potentially, lower tariff rates by Executive Order, EVs are slowly, but surely, making their mark in the Philippines one vehicle at a time. While they are still a rare sight in
Sustainable transport for the win
Another transport alternative for those heading to northern parts of Metro Manila has surfaced in Ortigas. This time, it's sustainable, too.Global Electric Transport (GET), which operates electric buses, already has a route that goes from SM Megamall all the way
Alongside the IMV-0 Concept, or what could be the modern-day Tamaraw FX
We recently received news about a hydrogen-powered Hilux that Toyota is currently working on in the UK. While that seems like exciting news, let's be real-aside from the fact that it's in a faraway market, we're a
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