Only a week left until the full reveal
Yesterday, Geely showed off its upcoming electric pickup under its Radar sub-brand driving out in the open, albeit covered in camouflage. Usually, shots like this would be preferred over the standard shadow-draped teaser. Not in this case, though.The Chinese
It’s free of charge…for now
Another government building has installed electric vehicle chargers for public use. This time, it's Pasig City hall. Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto made the announcement earlier today, saying he and a handful of other officials immediately proceeded to the newly-installed
Much better than the Cybertruck, if you ask us
You know a car looks good when it's eye-catching even when covered in camouflage. Geely has just provided the world with its first look at its upcoming electric pickup under its new Radar sub-brand, and we think its design
We’re talking designs from a century ago
We know what you're thinking: has Hyundai's design department just dropped the ball spectacularly for the first time in years? To put it kindly the new Ioniq 6 is, er, challenging, but you may need to do a bit of
Here’s how
One of the many Internet arguments against electric cars goes roughly along these lines: the batteries that power EVs will be useless after a matter of years, and they'll all end up in landfill as a dead loss. And, like so
Proper quick, then
The car company that can trace its roots back to a racing driver named 'Flash' has announced the thunderbolt that'll power its most exciting model yet. Polestar has revealed its upcoming 5 will get a dual-motor drivetrain with one helluva
The Japanese carmaker has begun the construction of its new Guangdong EV plant
Honda is cooking up something big in the region: The Japanese carmaker has just revealed that construction of its new electric-vehicle plant in China is now underway.This new facility falls under Honda's joint venture in China, GAC Honda. The
It’s located at the agency’s HQ
E-bike and electric kick scooter users have a new place to juice up in case they run out of battery: The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) headquarters.That's right, the MMDA's new 20-story HQ in Barangay Ugong, Pasig
Think this is true?
Yes, electric cars are better for the environment than their gas-guzzling counterparts-at least if we're talking on-the-road emissions. Take into account the production process, though, and they're not exactly squeaky-clean either.A recent report by
Mon Ami, Citroen!
When Citroen unveiled the My Ami Buggy Concept back in December last year, we really didn't think it'd ever see the light of day. Just a bit of fun to drum up some more interest in the standard Ami, we
Should this popular mode of transport go electric?
Like other three-wheel motorized vehicles, the Philippine tricycle is as versatile as it is reliable. In many cases, they serve as our country's 'last mile' transport-connecting smaller arteries to the rest of the transportation system.That said, some changes
Production of the micro EV just started—we hope one day it makes its way here
There's really no telling when fuel prices will start to go down. At this point, we'd do away with our cars if we could, but we all know that's way easier said than done. At best, we can look
The new company will be called Sony Honda Mobility
A few months ago, Japanese carmaker Honda inked an agreement with tech giant Sony to build electric vehicles together. Now, this partnership goes a step further, as the two industry titans have agreed on a strategic alliance that will give birth to
Short answer: It depends
There's much talk about the use of small electric-powered mobility devices lately, with more people switching to these alternative modes of transport due to the rising prices of fuel. Reports seem to indicate a higher number of road incidents involving
The myth is that because the grid burns fuel, EVs aren't low carbon. Here's the truth
We thought even electric-car doubters had finally grasped that this is a myth, but we saw it crop up again the other day, so we need to lay it to rest. "Electric cars don't reduce CO2 because grid electricity
0-100kph in four seconds, anyone?
Okay, we're sorry. No Huns to defeat here-but we just couldn't help but make a reference to the 1998 Disney flick.This is the MG Mulan, and the business we're referring to here is a 0-100kph sprint
Thoughts on this move?
Earlier, we reported the good news that Ford will continue to offer the Mustang with a six-speed manual transmission-at least for the next-generation release. Not so lucky, though, is any Mercedes-Benz.Which car from the German brand is
Be sure to drop by
Have you noticed anything during your shopping runs? Yes, mall displays by car manufacturers are a thing again-a sign that local brands are truly on the bounce back following a rough couple of years because of COVID-19.For the most
Someone isn’t a fan of remote work
Remote work is awesome, right? We mean, for one thing, you get rid of the countless hours wasted during your daily commute. And then there's the added flexibility when it comes to your scheduling and finances.Elon Musk, though, isn't
309hp, 493Nm of torque, and a massive kidney grille
Where once we had the futuristic, revolutionary i3, we now have the BMW iX1. Yep, BMW is continuing with its plans to seemingly offer an all-electric version of every car it currently builds, the latest being its teeniest posh crossover. The
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