That's quite an upgrade
This weekend, the F1 circus will roll into Melbourne for the opening round of this year's Formula 1 season. And it's not just the drivers who'll be getting new cars (with the controversial Halo, remember) in Australia, but also
A bonkers, track-only version
We've not yet fully digested the bonkers stats of the McLaren Senna. Yet here to scramble our brains further is a bonkers, track-only version. Meet the McLaren Senna GTR."The track-only McLaren Senna GTR will have more power, more
Some of the contenders
Renault SportIt's Renault's third chassis since they returned to F1 as a factory team, and is, we're told, a "progression and refinement" of the car we saw last year. Renault has worked on the suspension and downforce, along with
Get well soon, sir
Sir Stirling Moss has been battling a chest infection since holidaying in Singapore in late 2016. The news that he has finally decided to retire from public life, aged 88, isn't wholly surprising. Lord knows, if anyone has earned a
Fast in, slow out
Jody Scheckter has always been quick behind the wheel, but it was his undoing at the start of his career. "This madman," declared Emerson Fittipaldi after the 1973 French GP, "is a menace to himself and everybody else, and does not belong
Worth it
Records were broken this week. A Leonardo da Vinci painting sold for more than $450 million, breaking the world record for the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction as it did so. But it's not the only bit
Let the debate begin
Comparisons between sporting greats are fatuous, because the big names all had different challenges to deal with in their respective eras. But we'll light the blue touch-paper and give it a go anyway. Scoring his fourth world championship in Mexico
Retro is in again
With Formula 1 reverting to wider cars and fatter slicks in 2017 in an attempt to hark back to the nebulous good old days of the sport, it's fitting that F1 2017, out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, features
Say it isn't so
The British Racing Driver's Club (BRDC)-owners of Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix-has triggered a 'break clause' in its contract with the owners of Formula 1, Liberty Media. Which means that if the two sides can't reach
Race director Charlie Whiting speaks
How does a race weekend start for you?Charlie Whiting: I get to the track around 7:30am. We have personnel curfews now where the teams have to be out of the paddock for eight hours. I would have loved that back
Gone too soon
That's 162 Grand Prix entries, 41 wins, 65 pole positions, 80 podiums and three world championships. Staggering statistics for any F1 driver, but these extraordinary numbers aren't even half the Ayrton Senna story.The Brazilian legend tragically passed away following
Quicker, safer, more entertaining
For this year's Shanghai Motor Show, Renault has looked into its crystal ball. Not to try and predict this week's lottery numbers, but to give us a glimpse at what it thinks F1 cars will look like in 2027. And,
In case you're the forgetful type
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.And here's why you should always check your engine oil. It goes without saying that running your car while low on oil is
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here
A day before the first pre-season Formula 1 test for 2017, all 10 cars have officially broken cover with the unveiling of the Red Bull RB13, the Toro Rosso STR12, and the Haas VF-17.Red Bull and Toro Rosso have
A full rundown of what to expect
So, how was it for you, the last three seasons of hybrid V6 turbo-spec Formula 1? Yeah, we hear you...Despite the crushing superiority of Mercedes-so absolute that 2016 was the squad's most dominant performance since the new engine
This should be a nail-biter of a race
First blood to Lewis Hamilton, then. The reigning world champion was fastest in both practice sessions at the start of a Grand Prix weekend in Abu Dhabi that will settle a 2016 Formula 1 World Championship that at times has compressed and
F1-grade rubber has landed on our shores
Italian premium tire brand Pirelli, more popularly known as the official tire supplier for the Formula 1 World Championship, has finally set up shop in the Philippines, with the opening of its first Performance Center along Kamuning road in Quezon City.The
Hamilton takes championship lead
With 10 races left on the calendar, the driver standings shift toward the other Mercedes driver. It's the kind of situation that a racing team both relishes and worries about. Here are the highlights from the Hungarian Grand Prix.1. Lewis
But it comes at a price
We're huge fans of scale-model cars. Whether it's Tomica, Lego, Hot Wheels or the like, being able to hold and admire our favorite cars in detailed miniature form never gets old. Now, Amalgam is giving us another collectible to
Lewis Hamilton finally has his day
As what happens in Monaco when it rains, cars slide and team strategies are tested. The most prestigious race on the calendar certainly didn't disappoint this year. Here are the highlights.1. Red Bull's mistake gifted Lewis Hamilton the victory.
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