Verstappen just set a new record with his 10th consecutive race win
Max Verstappen went into the Italian Grand Prix knowing that victory would see him accomplish what no other driver has been able to do in 73 years of F1; winning 10 races in a row. But when the Dutchman was pipped to
The Italian brand also has a new official distributor in Velocità Motors
It's press-release official: Ferrari has formally announced San Miguel Corporation subsidiary Velocità Motors Incorporated (VMI) as its exclusive importer and distributor in the Philippines, and to commemorate the start of the partnership, it also debuted a highly anticipated and in-
78 seconds of (mostly) engine music
Almost exactly 18 months after we learned that an Enzo Ferrari biopic called Ferrari was in the works, we have a trailer to whet the appetite. And good lord is it full of suspense.Instead of the usual montage of snappy dialogue
Someone’s got money to, um, burn...
Remember last month when this rusting, burned, crashed-many-times heap that used to be a Ferrari 500 Mondial Spider was expected to fetch up to $1.6 million (P90 million) at auction? And how we all laughed? Well...... it exceeded its
We spend over 600km behind the wheel of one to find out
Uh-oh. A middle-aged man in an old Corvette is not happy.We're in the middle of Le Mans ahead of the 24-hour race, standstill in traffic that has choked the narrow streets leading toward the circuit. While the
These look pretty sick
Artificial intelligence is really quite the thing. With the advent of more advanced AI tools, we've seen all sorts of wild digital creations come out on the Internet. Frankly, it can be a bit scary, but we digress.Recently, while browsing
He seems to have a thing for Ferraris
Fact: Alden Richards likes nice cars. A few years, ago he shared that his garage consisted of a GMC van (all celebs have a big van for shoots), a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Range Rover Sport, a Jaguar XE, a Mitsubishi Pajero,
Give or take a couple of million
What do you mean you can't tell that's a Ferrari 500 Mondial Spider that was originally clothed by Pinin Farina and later rebodied by Scaglietti? Call yourself a petrolhead?Okay, fair enough, the poor four-cylinder Ferrari you see above
Be very afraid
Ferrari's famously unhinged 'XX' series of cars-which count 2005's FXX through 2008's FXX Evo, 2010's 599XX cars and the wild LaFerrari-based FXX-K of 2014-have always been tethered to a racetrack. For the first time,
Why not, right?
In news that might have passed you by, Ferrari won something recently. While the Scuderia's Formula One team continues to struggle - despite a solid finish at last weekend's Canadian Grand Prix - its delightful endurance racer did something incredible two weekends
After an epic battle with Toyota
Ferrari has claimed victory at the centenary edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 58 years after its machinery last triumphed in motorsport's most prestigious endurance race.The #51 499P of James Calado, Antonio Giovinazzi, and Alessandro Pier Guidi prevailed
It churns out 16hp and goes up to 80kph
This is a Scaglietti-bodied Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa-perhaps one of the most beautiful V12-engined racing cars of all time. Only this one's smaller. Much smaller. And electric.It's the work of Oxfordshire's The Little Car Company,
Fernando Alonso has announced he's putting his Ferrari Enzo up for auction. Whether that's to make space for a Valkyrie, one can only speculate.Auctioneer Monaco Car Auctions speculates that when the rosso Enzo comes up for sale next month,
The automotive polymath passed away at the age of 96
Although he'd departed Maranello before the car was revealed, Giotto Bizzarrini was the man largely responsible for the Ferrari 250 GTO. That alone would be enough to secure his status in the pantheon of great Italian engineers, but there was more
This weekend’s race in Imola has been canceled
Yuki Tsunoda and other members of AlphaTauri are helping out with the cleanup operations in the team's hometown of Faenza in the wake of the devastating floods that hit the Emilia-Romagna region. Earlier this week, Formula 1 announced that the
Sounds exciting
Though the recent Lamborghini biopic was met with... let's say a 'lukewarm' reaction, work on two other feature films about Italy's great automotive houses continues at pace. And one of them will apparently feature racing scenes like something out of
No lowballers here
We have a conundrum: it's impossible to discuss this F1 car anywhere near as quickly or successfully as it drove. Just listing its accomplishments is going to take us the best part of 400 words, and that's before we mention
You tell us
Confirming Buddha's assertion that you cannot long hide the sun, moon, and stars, the convertible roof on Ferrari's new Roma Spider drops in just 13.5sec. After which you've got plenty of time to gaze up and chew over
Just in time for the start of the 2023 season
We're just a few days away from the 2023 Formula 1 season opener. We've seen all the new cars in their new liveries, and there's nothing left to do now but wait.Or shop, because the 3.3 sale
It comes in blue, too
Last but definitely not least, Alpine has wrapped up F1 launch season by revealing its new 2023 car in London. And as expected the livery mixes the car company's traditional blue with the pink of title sponsor BWT.Named the A523,
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