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Sums it up pretty nicely
It isn't uncommon to come across a car in a video game and think 'Boy, this thing sure does looks familiar.' Many developers do, after all, take inspiration for their in-game rides from vehicles sold in real life.If you'
“Hopefully, one day we can bounce back”
Back in August, we reported that Angie Mead King was in the process of wrapping up Car Porn Racing operations in Taguig. Now, the garage is officially no more. Fans may want to break out some tissue for this one.In an
Who needs an Apple Car anyway?
Jony Ive, the man responsible for designing some of Apple's most iconic products (including the iMac and iPhone) is taking his talents to the auto industry.On September 27, Ferrari holding company Exor announced that it had signed a "long term,
Will it work?
Roaring V12s, the smell of gasoline in the pits, the unmistakable rattle of a sports car starting up-if regular motorists like us are going to miss combustion engines, just imagine what performance purists feel like as the industry shifts toward electric
Not a lot of people expected these things to become racing machines
Driver Ricky Rydell had literally no idea Volvo wanted to stuff a square into a circle-shaped hole. "When I signed up for Volvo and TWR around Christmas 1993, I didn't know about the estate plans," he said. "If I'
This is the only one among six movie cars with a VIN and a title
The GT40 is arguably one of the most iconic Ford nameplates ever. It's one of the biggest reasons why secondhand GT40s in the market don't come cheap. Well, that's if you do manage to find one in good running
That’ll leave a mark
Whenever you're unsure if the car you're driving would fit through the space in front of you, it's best to double-check first. There's no shame in getting out just to take a quick look, especially if it'
According to research done by
What if we told you that the Tesla Model 3 is actually more popular than cult classics like the Toyota Supra or the Honda Civic? On the online video platform we know as YouTube, that may very well be the case.According
Unlike us, it’s been working out in the gym
It would be damning the Portofino M with faint praise to say that this is 'just a facelift' of the standard Portofino, because there's been a whole raft of changes, and some of them are really quite lovely. But yes, this
The engine supposedly sounds similar to a V12
Ferrari is damn serious about building electric supercars. First, it was the SF90 Stradale. Now, we have this: the new Ferrari 296 GTB.You might think the 296 GTB isn't that big of deal because it's not the first hybrid
These look comfy
With a plug-in hybrid powertrain that churns out a ridiculous 986hp and a 0-100kph time of just 2.5sec, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is easily one of the most capable vehicles on the planet. And now, you can wear one
What do you think of this hire?
Cum laude in physics, an expert in motion-activated user interfaces, imaging and power solutions, president of Analog Micro-electromechanical Systems and Sensors Group-no this isn't the CV of some newly hired Silicon Valley chief technology officer. This extensive background
The super-SUV concept actually looks pretty sick
Ferrari has yet to take a piece of the ludicrous super-SUV pie. While there have been talks going around about the Purosangue, the Italian carmaker's supposed upcoming SUV, we have yet to see anything official come out from Maranello.If
“It’s a wild, unsanitized, utterly unhinged device”
You may have heard of Ferrari's line of 'Icona' cars-limited editions inspired by the Italian brand's illustrious back catalogue. The Monza-a roofless, windowless rollerskate based on the 812 Superfast-is the first of these. Only 499 will be
In case the ‘standard’ 986hp isn’t enough
The SF90 is Ferrari's fastest, most powerful road car ever, with its plug-in hybrid powertrain producing 1,000PS (or 986hp for us traditionalists).Not really the sort of supercar/hypercar crossover that's crying out for a bit more grunt
The guy bought a Lamborghini Aventador S and a Ferrari 458 Italia, among others
A man reportedly going on a shopping spree using Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans meant to help struggling businesses amid the pandemic? That sounds familiar, doesn't it?You may be recalling that report from July 2020 where a man from Florida
A total of only 1,598 units of both versions will be built
Ferrari will build just 999 examples of the wild new 812 Competizione, and even fewer of its sister car, the Competizione Aperta-just 599 of those will be built. And, to literally nobody's surprise, both models have sold out. So, welcome
Meet the 812 Competizione and its open-top sibling, the Competizione A
In dramatizing the regal, Shakespeare hath no equal. And yet, despite giving new language to love and loss and delivering some of literature's greatest ever one-liners, we suspect even the big man would have struggled to describe the noise this
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