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Toyota and Uber have been tapped for this government-led initiative
Automotive and transport companies have long been wanting to take to the skies with flying cars, which are being tipped as a solution to urban traffic congestion.Uber, for instance, has invested $23 million (P1.23 billion) to develop and launch air-
No more sitting in gridlock
Ever been stuck in such bad traffic you've just wanted to ditch the car, Falling Down-style, and get to your destination by any other means? Audi hears your troubles. This is the Pop.Up.Next and--if you can live
It's all about atmosphere
The future is a miserable, barren and depleted place. If you ask us what the underlying theme of Blade Runner 2049 is, besides all the bioengineered androids and whatnot, it's that 32 years from now the world has gone to utter
The future is here
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Jetpacks, drones, smart watches, automated households, and so on, and so on. Over the past few years and with the advancement of technology, more
At least, that's the plan
Yes, it's the dream we all saw in Back to the Future, The Fifth Element and Blade Runner. No, not a hoverboard, Milla Jovovich or the white stallion from Deckard's nightmares-the flying car. And Airbus wants to make them
But it's still up in the air at this point
The automotive landscape is abuzz with news that Google has long been working on a self-driving car. But the California tech giant is hardly the only company dabbling in autonomous transport. A handful of automakers are already trying to outdo each
Meet the AeroMobil 3.0
For many car enthusiasts--at least among those who aren't suffering from acrophobia--the ultimate dream is to drive a flying car. Yes, a wheeled vehicle you can drive around your village and then fly above EDSA during rush hour. Of
That can fly by itself
Remember Terrafugia, the American company that promised to make the flying car a reality with the Transition? The only problem was that the prototype had a limitation: A pilot\'s license was required to fly it, thereby excluding the general public from
Can you still wait for it?
If you placed an order for Terrafugia's Transition roadable aircraft and you were expecting your unit to be delivered sometime this year, you might be in for a little disappointment. It looks like you'll have to wait a little longer
Here's an alternative to the now-prohibited wang-wang
Seeing motorists overhead is no longer such a remote idea as a United States-based company has started taking orders for a flying car scheduled for delivery by as early as next year.Aeronautical engineers behind the company Terrafugia has developed the
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