Think we’ll live to see these used as ride-hailing options?
While nowhere near being ready for public use, flying cars are no longer something out of science fiction. Plenty of companies are already busy trying to become the first to make the technology viable. Still, it's quite the sight to see
It has now invested in Japanese company SkyDrive
About two years ago, Japanese company SkyDrive successfully conducted a test flight of its aircraft, or what the industry calls an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. A lot has happened with the company since, as it even inked a partnership
It can cruise at 190kph up to an altitude of 2,500 meters
The future has finally arrived! This time next year, we'll all be driving flying cars and we'll have to change our name to Maverick. Oh no, wait-that one might already be taken.Perhaps we're getting ahead of ourselves
With four propellers, of course. Hence the name AIR4
Weren't expecting this, were we? Renault's year-long celebration of the mighty 4's 60th birthday has culminated in this. It is, and there's no other way to describe it, a flying Renault 4."The vehicle, entirely made of
They did a quarter-mile run 10 meters above the ground
Ever seen a pair of electric flying cars in a quarter-mile drag race? Nope, didn't think so. This is the first one ever, so take a minute of your day (yep, literally just a minute) to watch this very cool
Meet the Jetson One
Alternative mobility solutions have evolved drastically, similar to how cars changed in the past. These days, we see all sorts of personal transport vehicles such as e-bikes, electric boards and kick scooters, and even foldable electric motorcycles. While these are all
Why not an electric one, though?
Remember when the idea of flying cars was absurd? Yeah, it's been a while since that was the case. These days, it seems like everyone is trying to build one, though they're now technically called vertical take-off and landing (
Would you fly in one of these things?
If you'll recall, a Filipino inventor went viral a couple of years ago after revealing a 'flying car.' Air quotes are in order because the vehicle's build looked more like a drone than a four-wheeler. But it was still
Klein Vision’s AirCar has come a long way
Mere hours after Hyundai's European boss said his company was making "very significant investments" in what he called "urban air mobility," a flying car built by a small Slovakian company called Klein Vision landed into Bratislava Airport after a 35-minute
You read that right
One look at the auto industry news section makes it apparent that the age of the electric car is already upon us. So, what's the next motoring revolution we can look forward to? How about flying cars?Yeah, yeah. It sounds
Think this will be a thing?
They may not be zipping about overhead like in The Jetsons, but so far, Volocopter's air taxis might be the closest we've gotten to having actual flying cars. Now, Chinese auto giant Geely is helping the company introduce the service
Time to buzz the tower
We're one step closer, people. The future promised by noted authorities on the matter-luminaries such as The Jetsons and Back to the Future II-is drawing closer. This is your first look at a vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL)
As well as a new flagship EV called the Celestiq
Flying cars really might become a reality sooner than we think. Car manufacturers are starting to venture into what could be revolutionary automotive technology of the future, and the future looks real exciting.The latest carmaker to announce its foray into flying
This thing looks promising
It's starting to look like flying cars will take over roads (and airways) sooner than we think. Slovakian company Klein Vision's flying car just took maiden flight, and it looks promising.Because unlike the PAL-V Liberty that just became
So, when is it hitting the skies?
Has the Jetsonesque future you've been dreaming of finally arrived? Hardly. But hey, we think this is a pretty good start.The PAL-V Liberty, which claims to be the world's first flying car, just hit a major milestone: The
SkyDrive has successfully conducted testing of its new aircraft
We've said it a thousand times before already but we just have to say it again: We really are living in the future.This time around, though, it's a real, working flying car (pictured above) that's wowing us, not
*crosses fingers*
If we had tails, they'd be wagging. A company called Alauda has announced it is one step closer to developing a revolutionary new motorsport series that is taking up far too much of our current thought process than necessary.Electric. Flying.
It comes in red, naturally
We know some things about Ferrari's future without the need for Mystic Meg. We'll see more hybrids, starting with the SF90 Stradale this year. There will be an SUV-the Purosangue-sometime in 2022. And, just maybe, some of the
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