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Could it become available in PH?
A few days ago, we reported that Ford had just released what it claimed to be the Ranger's most capable factory version yet. Basically, this is the Ford Ranger clad in the brand's new Tremor Off-Road Package-an interesting
And so the rumors begin
The Ford Bronco, regardless of whether or not it will make it to our shores, is a vehicle a lot of people are excited about. It has a name, a history, comes available with a hearty 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, and
At least when it comes to off-roading
Aftermarket tuning joints like Roush and APG have done quite a bit with the US-Spec Ford Ranger already. Outside of a Ford Performance pack that gives the truck an extra 45hp and 81Nm, though, the American carmaker itself has kept improvements
Who knew?
Between the two big players in the electric guitar business-Gibson and Fender, in case you were curious-there's a fairly simple rule: For thick, heavy guitars with high-output roar, go Gibson. For sharper bite and sculpted offset bodies, go
Check this out if you’ve been eyeing a new Ford recently
We'd like to there is never a bad time to buy a new Ranger Raptor. But with Ford Philippines' new promo, now could easily be as good an opportunity as any.The American carmaker is extending its Ranger Raptor Premium Care
Proper powerful, then
Earlier this year, we brought you news of Mil-Spec Automotive's take on the Ford F-150. The Michigan-based tuner had shunned the EcoBoost V6 that Ford uses in the top-spec Raptor, fitting in a naturally aspirated 5.0-
And boy is it glorious
If you thought an electric Mustang was bad, you may have mixed feelings about this one. The machine you see before you is a diesel-powered Mustang. And it's not just any diesel engine powering it-that's a 5.9-
It’s petrol-powered, so you can’t really call it a replica
This thing looks like a Tesla Cybertruck, doesn't it? Well, surprisingly, it isn't. It's actually a Ford F-150 Raptor converted into a Cybertruck, and you can't exactly call it a replica because it packs a petrol engine
It’s currently up for auction, and the current bid is at P15 million
Check out this 2005 Ford GT-it's one of only 2,022 produced for the specific model year. It's not exactly the rarest of unicorns, is it? Probably. Still, there's one thing here that definitely piqued our interest: This
It can make smart suggestions based on your personal behavior and routine
Ford's infotainment system just keeps getting smarter and smarter. The American carmaker recently announced that SYNC 4 will have innovative features that will let drivers find open parking slots and cheap fuel on the go. Well, it appears that that was
Other peak figures: 1,502hp, 270kph
Ford has a new electrified Mustang on its way, but we figure this won't get as much flak as the Mach-E that came before it. This is the all-electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400, and it just exceeded its testing
If that’s what you’re after
People simply can't get enough of the Ford Ranger. If you're looking for evidence, just take a look at what tuners the world over are doing-it's like we're seeing a worthwhile new project every couple of weeks.
What a crowdsourced hypercar looks like
Ford has revealed a new shape-shifting car called the Team Fordzilla P1.The Team Fordzilla P1 appears to be a two-seat hypercar, although no concrete details have been confirmed at this early stage; it's set for a full-scale
Watch the new ’Stang burn some rubber around a real track
Ford turned the heads of a lot of purists when it officially unveiled the all-new Mustang Mach 1 a few months back. We're guessing, though, that unlike with the Mach-E, people took notice of the Mach 1 for positive
It wants to develop an infrastructure-based automated valet parking solution
Ford has made tremendous progress with its automated parking technologies over the past decade, and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon.As the American carmaker continues to improve its tech even further, it has now partnered
It’s not perfect, but it’ll do
At this point, there's very little sense in homing in on a new release's origins. The past two years have seen a handful of worthwhile newcomers hailing from the People's Republic, including the likes of the Geely Coolray and
A fitting tribute to a golden era
The Ford GT40 was already a winner by the time it arrived at the Circuit de la Sarthe for the 1966 staging of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Its first win at a 24-hour endurance race came a few months
It can even identify the rates and real-time occupancy of parking spots
Ford made some big improvements to its infotainment system when it rolled out the Ford SYNC 3. And now that the carmaker is on the verge of launching the new SYNC 4, we can probably say the same.The American carmaker has
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