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Ford’s wildest truck yet
The horsepower war among pickups have been pretty heated these last couple of years. It's not just midsize pickups like Hiluxes and Tritons we're talking about here. Over in the US, their full-size trucks are packing serious firepower under
More tech, kit, and power
The Ford F-150 has been the USA's best-selling vehicle for the last 46 years. The full-size truck took the sales lead in 1977 and has kept it since. But just because it has been on the top for
Another F-Series model? Maybe. Maybe not.
Car companies file patents and trademarks all the time. Whether it's to block off a name for a potential model or protecting an old nameplate, trademark offices worldwide get tons of applications from automakers every day.That brings us neatly to
Despite its size, the Ford F-150 has been a steady seller in the Philippines. It's an impressive feat too, given that Ford doesn't have to market the truck all too often. It could even be said the F-150
He's probably the most famous Raptor superfan
What kinds of cars would you usually associate with celebrities? Is it a supercar? A sports car? Or is it something like a megabuck SUV or luxury sedan? We wouldn't be surprised if you thought any of those. After all, it'
It’s been wrapped up in leather—lots of it
From the heady days of pimping the Land Rover Defender, to restomodding the chicest Trabant, Bulgarian tuning house Vilner always has an unlikely project up its sleeve. This time, it's a first-gen Ford F-150 Raptor... and there's lots
by Cat Dow
An 'Expedition-like' EV SUV is coming soon
Just about every type of car is getting battery-powered these days. From small city cars to pickup trucks, the next generation of mobility is becoming more and more electric. Almost every automaker is investing big time in electric power, and Ford
The possibilities are fascinating
There was some rather big news from Ford last week. We doubt you missed it, but just in case-it announced that it would join forces with Red Bull to return to Formula 1 in 2026.Exciting times, but there was something
Now that’s what we call a rescue effort
What's the worst position you've ever been in while off-roading? Stalled in waist-deep water, perhaps? Or how about being forced to winch your way out of tire-swallowing terrain? Yeah, that's rough-but still probably has nothing
To give it its full, unabridged name, this is the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Special Service Vehicle. Which means it's a police truck, just one built on Ford's new F-150 Lightning.Looks like electricity might be the better
Ford’s “fastest, most powerful, most extreme high-performance” Raptor yet
Ford has revealed a new range-topping trim level on one of its most popular vehicles. 'Range-topping' here meaning a socking great V8 slung in the nose of an F-150 pickup truck.Welcome, brave souls, to the 700hp Ford F-
To prevent buyers from flipping and making a profit on their trucks in the US
It's no secret that the demand for the Ford F-150 Lightning has been insane since the electric pickup was first announced in the US. While that seems like all is well with the Blue Oval now that business is booming,
This is a milestone in motoring
Ford's shiny new electric pickup truck-the F-150 Lightning-has already sold out its first year of production in the US.In news that'll surprise nobody, Ford has stated that "due to high demand, the current model year is
Plus, PH arrival of new Macan and debut of entry-level F-150 Rattler
‘Rattle’ isn't a word you want to be associated with a pickup
Frankly, 'Rattler' is not a moniker we would have gone with in naming Ford's latest pickup offering. The fact that they attached it to the base-level F-150 XL isn't helping the choice any further, either. But hey, maybe
Said fan is a Navy veteran, personal trainer, and church leader, among others
Were you waiting for this?
Last year, Ford Philippines caught our market by surprise when it brought in the thirteenth-generation F-150. The move shook up the local pickup segment, finally providing consumers with a mainstream full-size entry to consider. There was one thing missing,
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