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The team will sport a pink flipped livery for the first two races of the season
Alpine has finally pulled the wraps off the A522. It gets a striking new livery that combines the traditional blue of Alpine with the pink of ex-Racing Point and Aston Martin sponsor BWT. Looks fantastic, doesn't it?For the first
The Silver Arrows makes its return
After two seasons in an all-black, awareness-raising, anti-racism livery, Mercedes is back to its iconic silver for 2022. Yep, it's the return of the Silver Arrows, complete with dashes of Ineos red and Petronas green. Bit of a
Will this car bring Scuderia Ferrari success in the 2022 Formula 1 season?
Ferrari's new F1-75 is perhaps the most radical interpretation of the 2022 rules we've seen so far (although Red Bull has only revealed its livery on a show car, of course). The Scuderia have been busy with those sidepods,
This might not be the actual car, but it’s got the actual look
Williams hasn't been afraid to freshen up its livery over the last few years, and 2022 is no different with last year's white nose making way for a full carbon fiber body of many hues of blue, plus red accents.
Unlike Red Bull’s reveal, this one’s an actual car
In keeping up with everyone else so far, AlphaTauri has decided to smother its latest-generation car with a heap of continuity. But that's okay, because the team's dark-blue-and-white livery is one of the most handsome color
This MCL36 will be the actual car that’ll be tested in Barcelona
Cast your mind back to last year's Monaco Grand Prix, and you may remember that McLaren ran a special Gulf-liveried car around the streets of Monte Carlo. You may also recall that a lot of people really liked it. Well,
The team will now be known as the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team
There was much chat about British Racing Green last year as the once-pink Racing Point team was rebranded as Aston Martin. We loved it here at TG, but a few of Aston's sponsors weren't so keen as, apparently, it
Max Verstappen will be defending his title in this car
It doesn't feel like the dust has truly settled on the 2021 F1 season, not least because the ramifications of that controversial finale in Abu Dhabi are still playing out in the background.The basics are this: the FIA is investigating
This one’s got a Lego-fied V6 with actual moving pistons
McLaren is set to unveil its 2022 Formula 1 car on Friday, but we've already had a sneak peek at the new look thanks to this Lego Technic set. Looks rather smart, although it's worth noting that the livery was
Meet the Haas VF-22
Haas is the first team to reveal its challenger for 2022, although based on the team's zero-point haul and 10th place finish in the championship last year, this will probably be the only time they'll beat the rest of
There are 10 F1 racing liveries available with the new Formula 1 Fan Pack
A month after introducing the Lamborghini Huracán STO, Rocket League is now expanding its garage further with the addition of 2021 Formula 1 race cars. Yes, the likes of Mercedes-AMG Petronas and Red Bull Racing liveries are available.These can
RM Sotheby’s estimates it’ll go for anywhere between $5-7 million
Step right up, folks, for we've got arguably one of the most exciting 'Auction Finds' you'll see on this space: For the first time, a Formula 1 car that was once raced by Lewis Hamilton is set to be put
The M1 Freedom Party is waiting for you
Nothing beats a party by the beach, especially in the summer. If you're looking for somewhere to dance the night away next week, check this out.The Subic Sailing Club will be hosting the M1 Freedom Party 2019 this April
Must have been a great day on the track
If you read the title of this car and immediately became curious, then you're reading the right website. This recent video from McLaren shows two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso swapping driver's seats with NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson.It'
A+ for effort, dude
We know the question that popped into your mind when you read the title: Why? Why on earth would someone spend 500 hours of their time creating a race car out of cardboard? Why spend so much time on something that won'
Worth it
Records were broken this week. A Leonardo da Vinci painting sold for more than $450 million, breaking the world record for the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction as it did so. But it's not the only bit
Its 2017 car sure looks the part
It's always said in Formula 1 that a car will always be beautiful so long as it's fast. But if this were a beauty contest, then the all-new Mercedes W08 for the 2017 season appears to have the early
Meet the RS17 and the VJM10
Pointed noses and shark fins are still the hallmarks of the latest Formula 1 cars to be unveiled ahead of the 2017 season, as shown by the Renault RS17 and the Force India VJM10. These follow the recent launches of the Williams
Ahead of pre-season testing
The first Formula 1 pre-season test for the upcoming season kicks off in Barcelona on February 27th, but as per usual, most teams are unveiling their 2017 cars online or at various launch events.Williams was first to take the wraps
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